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The dangers of Twitter

We've been sort of going back to Twitter lately, mostly out of boredom. It's been pretty nice, reading the little quips by some of the famous people we follow and stuff. Today we went to Twitter to follow the manga news coming out of NYCC, and we hung around...just because. Mostly boredom, probably, and the inability to think of what else to do.

And that's when we saw a tweet that reminded us why we had to stop going to Twitter in the first place. People keep mentioning articles that make us angry. The obvious solution to this would be to just not read those articles, because usually we can tell by the title if it's going to make us angry or not. I guess we're just masochists, or maybe we just have to know what it is people are saying so we can be better armed if it comes up in conversation (as if we ever have conversations), or maybe we think the article might actually agree with us and has a sensationalist title to call attention to itself so it can win more people over to its side. I don't know why we keep thinking that, because it never, ever happens, but hope springs eternal, I guess.

This time the article was called "What Walt Disney Never Told Us," and it was well-researched for one thing. It was another article that talks about how passive and helpless the Disney princesses are, but, like all such articles, it assumes that all the readers are going to agree with the idea, and so doesn't site any examples of their arguments. I guess in the case of Snow White, it's kind of obvious--she takes a bite of an apple and is literally helpless (and unconscious) until her prince comes to wake her up. But that doesn't mean she spends the whole movie unconscious--she actually does stuff. And I think the problem I have with this whole thing is that, since there is no denying the fact that Snow White spends the last few minutes of the movie unconscious (it's not a long movie, and she's conscious for most of it), everybody's like, "Oh yeah, I guess she is pretty helpless." Arrrrrrrgh...

And nothing in it seemed to actually say anything that Walt Disney never told us! Although I admit that a little more than halfway through we had to stop reading.

Anyway... The main point is, I wish people would show evidence of actually having watched a Disney movie before telling us why it's such a bad influence on society.

Today I'm thankful for the lovely weather that inspired us to go to the store today, the kid at the store who saw us and said "I like your same shirts," cookie dough being on sale, having some butter pecan ice cream to try out, and kettle corn being inexpensive.
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