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Whew, these last couple of days have been soooo busy! We're really, really close to the end of this book, but we just can't do it anymore. The rest will have to wait until Monday.

But anyway, the reason we didn't post yesterday is that right after work, we went to the fair! Tadah! And...I really don't have a whole lot to say about it. It was the fair. We did all the same stuff we do every year, and it was the same. Except this time Logan was there, which was definitely different, but since he's only a year old, he was too busy looking at anything and everything to really focus on any specifics to the point of reacting in an especially noteworthy way. Although there was a brief incident that involved taking him to the pony rides and him being too scared. But see? I'm already done reporting it. (But I guess I could mention that probably part of the reason he was too scared was that once he started to get on the pony, the pony behind him pushed him.)

Not to say we didn't enjoy ourselves, of course. Steve was worried that we didn't, and his reason seemed to be that we hardly ate anything. But we hardly eat anything anyway, so I don't see how that can possibly be an accurate gauge of fun. Although we both regret missing the opportunity to try some chocolate-filled waffles. I wonder if there's some other place we can get a hold of something like that. Hmm...

We also saw some necklaces that spell your name with wire that we kind of thought about getting. We're back to our theory about people not talking to us because they're too afraid of not knowing who they're talking to, so we want some accessories or something to help them out, even though we think it's an incredibly silly fear. (We used to talk to people all the time without knowing their names! After talking for like half an hour, we'd part ways, and then Athena and I would be like, "Huh. We never found out their name.") Anyway, I think we can probably find stuff like that on the internet, so we'll have to do some surfing.

Today I'm thankful for finally being done with work, getting to go to the fair, getting to play Mom's favorite midway game (the one where you squirt water at the targets), the adorable snuggliness of Page in cooler weather, and it probably being cool enough that we can eat Reese's peanut butter cups without worrying about the chocolate sticking to the paper.
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