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Anime Report 2

Today was full of more anime, though it probably would have been more full of anime if any of the files were encoded such that we could watch them easily without choppiness. I wonder if it's because we're running Windows 2000.

First we watched Angel Heart, which is very intriguing, and I want to know what happens, but I'm not sure I could handle actually watching it. It's got just the right kind of suspense that stresses me out too much. Plus it can be a little slow. But the main guy is played by Akira Kamiya, who comes to AX every year, so you can become a fan and then meet him! If you can get to AX.

Next we watched Aria: The Animation, which was reeeeeeally hard to get through because the sound was ahead of the picture. Again, I think this was because of something we're missing. Still, so far I like it. According to the comments we read at l33t-raws (looking to see if it was encoded with some new codec or something, which apparently it wasn't), it's going to be one of those calm, feel-good anime. That makes a lot of sense, seeing as how Junichi Satou is working so closely on it. I don't remember ever seeing his name for script-writing before. (For those who are wondering, he's the director of the first season of SailorMoon, Pretear, OjaMajo Doremi, Kaleido Star, and FushigiBoshi no FutagoHime.)

I'm really curious to see if some nice boys show up, because the last two things I know of that Junichi Satou has worked on had Hiro Shimono. Actually, it was Kaleido Star that made me fall in love with Shimono-san. And since Aria has at least three voices from Kaledio Star so far, I'm hoping the pattern continues.

Mahjong Legend Akagi was hard to follow. I think it's a combination of Mahjong terms and lack of proper codecs. From what I read in the credits, it looks like the manga was originally published in a Mahjong magazine, which makes sense--I just didn't know Mahjong magazines ran manga. The jury's still out on that one.

We took a break from anime because the choppiness was getting aggravating and because our monitor needed a break, and because it's nice to sit on the couch instead of hard chairs. So we watched more 24. I think I like it, except that it's hard not being able to trust anyone. I like having a character to latch onto, and so much is going on that it makes it hard to latch onto the main guy. His daughter was stupid and annoying at first, but now that she's gotten a wake up call, she's actually pretty cool.

The fact that it takes place in real time doesn't really affect my opinion of it, except that I'm waiting for the sun to come up. I like daytime occasionally. At first I was like, "So will they go to sleep and then we won't see them for several episodes?" but I'm getting the feeling nobody's going to be sleeping any time soon. By the end of the season, I'm going to be like, "Dude! Get some sleep!!!" And sometimes I get the feeling that some stuff takes longer than they're giving it to happen. I wonder if around rush hour there'll be a whole episode with someone in their car trying to get somewhere.

It takes place in Los Angeles, so every time they go somewhere new, we're looking at all the details to see if we recognize the place. So far, we don't, except there's a freeway the mom got pulled over on (technically it was the friend's dad, but the mom was there) that looked kind of familiar, but the one we're thinking of is on the way to Pasadena, which I think is the other direction from where we would have expected them to be going. Oh well.

When we finished the 24 DVD (we're on the only one disc at a time plan, so we only had volume 1), we watched Black Cat. I really like Keiji Fujiwara's character (we don't remember the names yet; we've only seen one episode), but then, I always like Fujiwara-san's characters (he's Hughes in FullMetal Alchemist--need I say more?). Sometimes I like his characters before I even hear their voice, like Axel in Kingdom Hearts. (He seems to be doing a lot for Squenix recently.) Of course, then I remember that he played the evil scientist Takatori in Weiss, but that was before he was Azuma in The Candidate for Goddess, so he doesn't count. Either way, he has a great voice.

And that's it for our anime/TV report for today. Just Legal was replaced by an encore of Related, which makes me sad. I wanted to watch Just Legal *sniffle*. Maybe I just have weird taste. Strange things seem to be going on in Mom's neck of the woods, but I'm still too confused to report on them. Tonight I'm thankful for brownies, Doritos, peanut butter sandwiches, wristwatches, and cable television.
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