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Well, I can tell it's autumn, because the air feels kind of creepy. Maybe we just need to get out more.

Anyway, I called Gaston this morning, and it looks like we're going to Mickey's Halloween Party as Gaston and the Silly Girls again, which is great because now we don't have to worry about getting to the fabric store and buying all kinds of crazy materials. This is especially important because we decided to order nine volumes of Durarara!!, and light novels aren't as inexpensive as we'd hope. On the bright side, free shipping! And of course, Durarara!!.

The only problem is the same problem we have every Halloween, which is "what do we want to wear at our non-Disneyland Halloween events?" It's especially a problem this year, because we actually have a Halloween event planned. Our Fearless Leader for Home Evening Group wants to throw a party on the 29th, costumes optional. Of course, when we hear "costumes optional," to us that means "costumes mandatory," because making costumes is a cool thing we do that we want to show off.

One of my main stress dreams (which I haven't had in a while, probably because we haven't been to Anime Expo in three years) involves going to costume events and not having any new costumes. So when I found out we wouldn't need new costumes for Mickey's Halloween Party, at first, I was like, "Yessss!" And then I remembered the HEG Halloween Party, and suddenly I was all stressed out again.

We have been thinking about making a couple of pirate costumes, though, so we might go ahead and do that. We'd especially stand out if we finally buy that concertina we keep talking about... *thinks of recent Durarara!! purchase* Hrm.

Today I'm thankful for not having to panic about costumes, our CD player not dying (it was having issues last night; turns out an errant hair had found its way inside the player, and once it was removed, the problem was solved), getting to watch some new anime today, Polar Bear getting photographic evidence that he and Penguin did in fact visit Panda at the zoo, and getting to order a bunch of Durarara!! novels.
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