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Happy Weekend!

A cousin of ours posted to Facebook saying, "Happy LDS General Conference Weekend!" We thought it was appropriate and amusing, so we copied it here. So far, it's been a great conference, as usual. Elder Russell M. Nelson gave a talk where he kept throwing out hypothetical situations that people might need help with, and replying to them all with, "Ask the missionaries! They can help you!" (Also appropriate as well as amusing.) There's already a picture going around Facebook of Elder Nelson's face, with the caption, "Got a problem? Ask the missionaries!" We were amused again, but it would have been better with a picture of missionaries, we think.

On a completely different note, we watched the end of the Durarara!! anime last night, and, not entirely surprisingly, we weren't quite satisfied with the ending. I mean, it leaves off in a pretty good place, and all the conflicts are resolved...oh except for the one bit at the very end where one character declares war on another, but that could be just one of those "every ending is a new beginning" kind of things. It could be, except that we were like, "There is more to this story!" They resolved (almost) all the conflicts, but they didn't answer all the questions that were brought up.

And, above all, we like it too much to be done with it.

So off we went to Kinokuniya's website, to see if we could order the novels. (We didn't actually order anything, because we have a weird thing against ordering stuff online late on Friday night. It was probably something like, "The order won't be processed until Monday anyway (not necessarily true), so we might as well sleep on it to see how much money we want to spend." Especially in this case, because we discovered that there are eleven books in the far. Well, of course we want it anyway, and it will be an excellent motivation to keep up our Japanese prose reading skills. It's mostly just a question of how many volumes to buy at once. If we get them all, we'll get free shipping... Hmm...

Anyway, we're pretty excited, but also kind of daunted. It takes us forever enough to read a novel in English! And that's just one! In English! This series has eleven! So far! In Japanese! Really, my only legitimate concern is that I'm not convinced my reading skills are good enough to get everything out of it. But that's what dictionaries are for, and besides, how will our reading skills ever improve if we don't actually read anything? We might even use this series for some prose translation practice. If the anime narrations are anything to judge by, the tone will be a lot more conversational, which is right up our alley.

Today I'm thankful for another two great sessions of General Conference, getting to watch all of Durarara!!, the ability to read the novels the anime was based on, Hulu having the subtitled version of the anime, and Kinokuniya having all the novels in stock.
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