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Last night was kind of weird. We were playing Final Fantasy IX, like we usually do on Sundays, when there was a knock at the door. It was the sister missionaries, who happen to live in our apartment complex. All their appointments had been cancelled, so they thought it would be a good time to get together and make cookies, like we had said we should the last time they visited.

It was really fun, but I kind of feel guilty about a bunch of the bitter comments I made, and all the talking about cartoons and stuff. I don't think it's a bad thing to talk about Power Rangers with the missionaries, but it seemed like only one of them was able to follow the conversation, so the other one may have been left out. It was also weird to have to leave at nine-thirty so they could go to sleep, because we're so used to staying up until one. I always feel awkward leaving people for some reason. Athena suggests that it's because it's not the first impression that matters, but the latest one.

It also may have something to do with the time we were talking to our aunt (Mom's side) on AIM because she wanted to ask us to write some Japanese for her, and we had finished discussing her request when Dad came by, so I told her Dad was there to pick us up and we had to go, and she hasn't spoken to us since because she's so sure we blew her off. The only explanation I can come up with for her theory is that Mom was on such bad terms with Dad, and Dad was so crazy that there was no way we would ever be doing anything with him, therefore we must have been lying to get away from her. Thinking about it, our maternal grandmother hasn't spoken with us on AIM since the one time we said, "Actually, we're going to go do some other stuff, but we'll talk to you later!" Is it that unbelievable that we should have anything to do?

Meanwhile, it would seem that Steve's new plan to convince us to join them for Thanksgiving is to suck up. I wish he would just start the debate again, because right now we're less concerned with the fact that we don't like him and more concerned with the idea of being away from all our stuff for five days while being stuck in a group of people who don't seem likely to share any of our interests. We'll have to check with Sarah on whether there might be anyone who actually does share our interests, but she's not currently on line. I don't know if she gets Columbus Day off.

I just really hope that this new plan is not the reason Mom has decided to be too busy. See, if Mom's busy, then Steve can supposedly do whatever it is we need in her place. This theory isn't quite sound, because what we currently need is an accountant, or more specifically, the accountant who did our taxes and was supposed to send a letter to the IRS in response to the one we got several weeks ago asking about a lot of money that we supposedly didn't pay. We did, but because Mom credited that to Athena and not me, and all the checks from TokyoPop are made out to me, they think we didn't. Mom was going to write them a letter explaining what happened, and she did, but she doesn't remember sending it, which is probably why we got a notice telling us we have a certified letter from the IRS at the post office. If Steve's plan to suck up has anything to do with why Mom is too busy to help us all this week, and we end up going to jail, I think his plan will fail.

An interesting thing to note is that Steve had us captive while he drove us to church yesterday, yet he chose not to discuss Thanksgiving with us. Sarah was in the car too, and can be a powerful ally. So I wonder if this means she's not too thrilled with the idea of going to Washington either.

The battle simmers on...
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