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The wheels in my head have been turning♪

Last night at Thursday Night Activity, everybody had so much fun playing Do You Love Your Neighbor? that nobody even looked at the refreshments! Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but somehow we ended up taking ALL OF THEM home. I guess it's not that bad, thinking about it. Just three bags of microwave kettle corn and about a bag and a half's worth of Cheetos Puffs. But man, those Puffs are a formidable opponent. It's like there's no end to them! And you can only eat so many at a time before you get sick! AND! you can't just eat a few and get back to what you were doing, because then you have cheese all over your fingers! Aaaugh!

Still, we've made it a point to grab a few every time we get some water, so I think we won't end up throwing away too many of them.

Anyway, I've been thinking about a lot of things lately, like common mistakes translators make and how adaptation writers seem to deal with them, and about how very different a language Japanese is from English, but also about things like Disney princesses. But work's been eating up a lot of our time and brain power lately, so I'm not sure how much time I want to spend on a coherent post on any of those things today.

But I think I will talk a little about princesses. Yesterday, we saw a video about some activities Disney Cruise Lines has planned for when they go to Venice, and there's this tour of this palace or something, and it ends with a princess meet and greet. Both of us had negative (Athena's was just a, "Hrm..." and mine was more of a, "Grrr!") reactions to seeing the princesses in the video, and it was at that point that I realized'm not sure exactly. Like, either we need to just chill out (a distinct possibility) or do something about it. The problem, I think, is that we really love Disney and (almost) all its characters, and it's hard not to think that the company is marketing the princesses like brainless airheads.

See, there's a song. I might have mentioned it before. It was a song that was kind of planned to be in the movie Aladdin, and apparently is in the stage musical that is currently running in southern Utah...and I really have to wonder how they fit it in. Anyway, I think it pretty much sums up the image a lot of people have of princesses, so here's the first verse:

"Call me a princess, I don't care.
Call me obsessed with nails and hair,
Only concerned with what to wear--
Shallow and so blase."

There's supposed to be an accent on that last E, but I hope you get the point. And here's the thing: every time we've met a princess at Disneyland in the last year, or heard someone talking about their encounter with a princess, the princess commented on somebody's hair. I think I mentioned this before; fairies comment on our being twins, princesses comment on our long hair. It's really probably not a big deal, because how do you engage shy guests when you don't have anything to go on? You pick a physical feature, that's how. On the other hand, why do the princesses always comment on our hair? The fairies have proven that there are other noticeable features to comment on. So I wonder about it, and then I blow it out of proportion and I get upset.

Really, what we need to do, assuming we ever go back to Disneyland (what am I saying? of course we'll go back to Disneyland...someday (probably October 23)), is go out of our way to talk to the princesses and ask them about Stuff. Like ask Belle what her favorite book is (I wonder how the real Belle would feel about Twilight...). Ask Ariel her favorite new discoveries in the human world. Ask Cinderella for housekeeping tips (that one may be a little sadistic...). Ask Tiana her favorite recipes (other than gumbo). I would love to see how Mulan handles questions about martial arts or tactical warfare.

We may need to make a list of questions.

Today I'm thankful for finishing work today, finishing up all that kettle corn (microwave kettle corn is not very high on the list of Best Kettle Corns), having a good time playing Do You Love Your Neighbor?, the fun Snow White music that's playing in my head right now, and not yet being incapacitated by all the Cheetos.
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