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Once again, we don't have much to talk about today. We did finally get back to playing Final Fantasy: Type-0 last night, and despite the depressing content, that game just feels nice to play. I guess I just like the art style and the music or something.

Anyway, the other thing we sort of have to talk about is My Little Pony. We finally got around to watching some of that on Friday night (we took about five minutes sitting here trying to remember if it was Friday or Saturday, really having no memory of what we'd done either of those days; something is wrong here (finally, I pulled out my print journal and found out that oh yeah, we were watching Gundam 00 on Saturday night, so we must have watched ponies on Friday)), so let's talk about that.

I don't know when we started seeing people talk about this great new My Little Pony show. We were fans of the ponies when we were little, and we're fans of animation in general, so we always thought it would be a good idea to check it out, especially since we associated the name of the...person in charge of this version (the "adapted for television by" person)...with Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends, which is super awesome. But we never got around to it, because.

I don't know what it was that finally inspired us to watch it on Friday. Athena says it was because it was on the "most popular" thingie on Netflix, and since it was right there and we didn't have any reason not to, we decided to watch. (We were looking for Back to the Future, which apparently is not available digitally.) And we...liked it okay. It was pretty good. About as good as the stuff that we generally watch voluntarily. I would not call it a favorite, but that happens.

It was just kind of interesting, because there seems to be so much love for it on the internet that we expected it to be super duper awesome. It was good, but we couldn't see how it was so much better than, say, the My Little Pony we used to watch back in the day. It even has the same "Sailor Moon Says" type messages at the end...which I think were actually not quite so obvious back in the day, but that was the era of after-school specials, so more likely I just don't remember. Which just goes to show that when a little girl likes a show, she doesn't remember the cheesy bits at the end.

Favorites are definitely Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie. We like characters that rhyme with each other. But the real reason is that they're adorable. But Athena keeps wanting Pinkie Pie to talk faster. It's clear that she's supposed to be a fast-talking character, but she just...doesn't seem to, to Athena. Of course, this is coming from someone who regularly sang Yakko's World at approximately 125% of the recording speed. I like how she breaks out into song, and I get disappointed when she doesn't.

I think possibly the reason we weren't instantly enamored with the show is that Twilight is definitely not favorite character material for us. She was a lot better after the pilot, and the fact that she actually learns lessons about how to be a better person, as opposed to just being a jerk and having everything magically work out because she's the protagonist (*coughonceuponatimecoughcough*), but at first her "smarter than everybody" attitude got on our nerves. But like I said, she's okay now.

We seem to remember either one of us or Aurora or somebody having an Apple Jack toy back in the day. We're sure one of us did, but we don't remember who. But the point is, we have a nostalgic fondness for Apple Jack. But Fluttershy is still the best in that show.

Now we want to go find the old movie where they had to go find the Flutter Ponies and stop the Smooze. Nothiiing can STOP! The Smoooooze♪

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch the new(ish) My Little Pony series, fond memories of childhood toys, it being cool enough to turn off the fan last night, getting to play Type-0 last night, and Page being super cute once again.
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