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On Saturday night, we watched the last disc we had of Gundam 00. Since I don't have much else to talk about, let's talk about that.

Turns out the whole first season was a prologue. Whee. Not only did they not answer most of the questions we had about the characters, they posed a bunch more in the last episode, and they may or may not have killed off all of the Gundam pilots. One of them was killed for sure, but that's okay, because twins are replaceable. (So numeralist.) (Wow, we just looked that up on Wikipedia to be sure that's what really happens, and wow. They even give him the same code name.)

So we're a little aggravated, because we were just invested enough in the characters to want those questions answered, dangit! But the show is so annoying. On the other hand, maybe now that they're done with the prologue, the second season will have, like, character development and stuff. Maybe it will explain why the Gundam that can control all the mobile suits that are connected to Veda is a trump card, when the only machines connected to Veda are on their team. Towards the end of the series, one of the characters said that the Gundams were designed to fight other Gundams, so it does seem like they have an answer to that question. And that's exactly the problem!

It seems like they have answers, but it doesn't have a great track record for actually giving answers. So now we have to figure out if we care enough to get the second season and watch it, or if we're just going to look it up on Wikipedia. If only we had a Gundam fan friend who could tell us how much of our time it would be worth.

Today I'm thankful for being done watching (at least the first season of) Gundam 00, the cookie dough in the fridge not having expired yet, therefore having yummy cookies to snack on last night, the kettle corn from Winco being pretty good (we've become addicted to kettle corn, and now that we're not going to Disneyland (our main supplier) for a while, we're sampling brands; the Winco kettle corn is pretty good, but we prefer it a touch saltier), and still having Fresh & Easy kettle corn to try.
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