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There's not really a lot of new stuff to report, but since I finished reading the first two volumes of Liselotte and the Witch's Forest, let's talk about that.

I know I mentioned it a few days ago, but I like it a lot, so I have more to say. It's about a girl, Liselotte, who was exiled to just outside the forest in the far, far, far east after attempting to oust her brother. She was accompanied by her two attendants, Alto and Anna, who are boy-girl fraternal twins. On the one hand, it's like, "Yay! Twins to cosplay!" But on the other hand, they're really little. In fact, when I saw all the promotional art, I thought Liselotte was their nanny or something. And we might be a bit tall to cosplay them. This series is very cosplay-able, though, so maybe we'll think of something, if we ever get around to making costums again.

Anyway, Liselotte is different from the other Takaya-sensei heroines we're familiar with, in that she's very...I guess the word is unflappable. Like, in Fruits Basket and Hoshi wa Utau, Tohru and Sakuya are constantly being shocked by the zaniness and/or sadism of their companions, but Liselotte is generally the one causing the shock, at the expense of the very uptight Alto. (Anna is probably even more laid-back than Liselotte.) She also talks like Ayame, but less nonsensically, which is kind of awesome (except that the lack of nonsense is a little sad). I also like her because she wants to know stuff.

Then there's Engetsu, who is exactly the type of character we really like, except for the fact that he doesn't talk. Athena says when she read the manga, she wondered if the scanslators (because we know they're out there) picked up on the fact that he talks like there's something not quite right with him. He showed up out of nowhere, and he looks exactly like Enrich (like Erich, with an N; not like the verb enrich), who was someone from Liselotte's past, whom she cared about very deeply, and she's happy to see him again, but not sure why he's going by a different name and his eyes are a different color. Enrich didn't seem to have any kind of speech impediment, but he did have unusually white hair.

There's also Yomi, who is adorable. He seems to be a yancha-kei, and usually I'm indifferent to those types, but there's something about the little guy that makes him irresistible. Maybe it's the adorably excessive use of -desu, in contrast with his yancha-ness.

And anyway...that seems more like a character line-up than any kind of review, but...oh well. It's a fun series, and it would be awesome if we get to translate it someday.

Today I'm thankful for knowing what Great Spirits sounds like, having plans to go grocery shopping, making good progress at work today, fun new manga from Natsuki Takaya, and the forecast not predicting any triple-digit highs.
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