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Watching some new anime

Today we decided to look for some new anime to watch. I guess we maybe should have watched some more Sengoku Basara, but...we didn't. Instead, since a certain fanbook we got several weeks ago had informed us that one of our favorite voice actors is in Knight in the Area, we decided to give it a shot. We've been a little hesitant about it, because it's a sports anime, and there's a bunch of episodes. Not that we're opposed to sports anime; just sports. But today we got over ourselves! I'm kind of at a loss for words on this show. It kind of made us impatient, because it kept hinting at Deep Stuff, but never really showing it. I guess it's unfair to be impatient, because we only watched three episodes, and we've already found out most of what we wanted to know. And we're pretty sure we'll find out the rest of it in the next episode. And yet, I was impatient. I think this is because the characters didn't really do anything interesting, other than think about Deep Stuff and soccer. And soccer is fine for people who are fans of soccer, but we're not, so.

Anyway, it's about this kid who used to be this super awesome soccer player, apparently, but Something Happened, so now he can't play, but he still loves soccer, so he works as the manager of his school's soccer team. Meanwhile, his brother is on the team, and he's also this super awesome soccer player, and they keep fighting about it. But nobody will actually say what's on their mind, and it was driving us crazy! We kept quoting Ugly Duckling from Chicken Little: "Talking, talking, talking... and cloooosure."

Finally, the manager kid decides he needs to stop being half-hearted with everything, and he's going to just give soccer up entirely! Well, that's exactly the opposite of what his brother wanted, because they were like the super ultimate best soccer combo in the universe, and his brother missed playing together. He didn't think the manager needed to make up his mind--he thought his brother needed the Heart to play soccer properly. And he was about to tell his brother that he really missed playing with him when...

...dun dun DUN!!!

There was this terrible accident, and they got hit by a truck! Both of them! Aaaaahhh! And one of them was impaled through the chest with a steel bar, and the other one was hit on the head really bad. Well, they had spent a lot of time on how the manager kid needed the Heart to play soccer, and he'd already narrated about how he was never going to play soccer with his brother again, so it didn't take long to make the connection about what was going to happen.

Sure enough, the brother was declared brain dead, and the doctor says to his parents, "He has a donor card, right?" And we were like, "Shoooow...!"

So now the manager kid has his brother's heart--the Heart to play soccer. But he hasn't figured that part out yet, and they haven't told him, because they don't want to cause any trauma that might slow down the healing process and/or complicate the whole heart transplant thing. And the whole time, we are sitting there being very squeamish. Like, "Ugh, stop talking about it already!"

So I come to LJ and talk all about it again. Heh heh. It's for closure. In the next episode, the manager kid is going to read his brother's diary, and hopefully find out what his brother really thought, so we can all get some closure and stop having this show drive us crazy.

We decided we needed a change of pace, because it's not a good idea to spend all day doing things that make you want to yell at the computer (especially since it's not even the computer's fault!), so we remembered another thing that we kept finding out about and then not acting on. When we went to Comic Con back in 2009, CMX announced a manga series they were going to publish called Nyan Koi. They gave a short summary, and we were like, "Awww, we wanna translate that!" We were like that with almost every manga announcement made that year, but we felt stronger about this one, because it's about a guy who's been cursed so that he'll turn into a cat unless he does a hundred good deeds directed at cats.

I noticed at one point that there was an anime of it, and that supposedly it was streaming, so we checked last night, and Anime News Network said it was on Hulu. Nice! So we watched the first episode on the Wii, and we loved it a lot! But there was only one episode available to watch via the Wii, so we were like, "Fine! We'll go watch it on regular Hulu via the computer!" But they were like, "Ha ha! No you won't!" Because there's only one episode on Hulu period. Boo!

So we were like, "Fine, we'll go buy it!" And thus we fell into their evil marketing trap. But hey, it seems like a pretty great show. So we got that, and we finally decided to get Romeo x Juliet on DVD, and we ordered a Blind Box item so we could get free shipping. And now we are ridiculously excited to get this order. ...As if we have time for these things.

And really, the whole thing is very silly, because if we'd just finish watching Gundam 00, we could watch Magic Users Club, which was directed by the same guy as Pretear, Princess Tutu, Kaleido Star, and a bunch of other anime we really like (including the first season of Sailor Moon!).

Oh well.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch some new anime (it was all very interesting, even if it did drive us crazy), Nyan Koi being affordable, having an excuse to get a Blind Box item, getting to watch Nyan Koi on Hulu, and having lots of anime to look forward to.
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