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Whew, why do we keep working overtime? Oh, stop complaining, you like it. Sort of. I guess.

Seriously, it's like, "Okay, we just have a couple of things to work on; they won't take very long, and then we can finally take a break! ...Just kidding!" And so we keep working overtime, in the hopes that this is the last little hill. The weather's been kind of the same way. Just a few more days of heat, and then we can finally cool down for autumn! ...Just kidding! Hundred degree temperatures this weekend! ...Woo.

Anyway, nezumiko posted something that's got us thinking about introversion and extroversion and stuff like that, but work actually took a significant amount of focus today, and mind is blank. I think we need to go relax now.

Today I'm thankful for finally being done with work today, having enjoyable work (so that it's not too much of a problem to be working overtime so much), Page sticking with us through it all, fond memories of AX Meet the Guest Receptions, and having an episode of Tiger & Bunny waiting for us.
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