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It's all a blur...

Today we received our first non-anime rental from NetFlix, ironically recommended to us by our Japanese penpal, who is in fact, still in Japan. Well, technically, he didn't recommend it, but he said, "I've been watching '24' and it's really good. The fourth season finally came out on DVD in Japan... etc. etc." Only he said it better than that, and in Japanese.

So we figured we should give it a shot. It's one thing for our Japanese penpal to have seen more American movies than we have, but TV is free, so I thought it might be kind of pathetic to know less about American TV. Of course, with all the downloading we've been doing lately, it's possible that we've seen more Japanese anime than he has, but we'd have to compare lists for that one, and really there's no reason to do that.

Other than watching a couple of episodes of 24, we spent most of the day watching anime, Japanese and American. It's been a long time since we've watched so much anime in one day; I'd forgotten it was possible. But now we're finally almost caught up on all our downloads. And it's really looking like Jun Fukuyama could be the next Tomokazu Seki. He's seriously in everything. This is almost not an exaggeration.

We watched three new serieses today, and he's in two of them, plus he's one of the new characters in Ueki no Housoku. That one was interesting, because he plays this really really evil guy, and we're like, "Wow, he plays a lot of evil creepy guys," but then we realized we could only come up with the new guy and young Dogun... oh yeah, and the guy in Fushigi Yuugi Genbu Kaiden, and comparing that with all the characters he's played in the past year, that's a pretty small ratio.

I'm not sure how I feel about Cluster Edge. I'm very good at convincing myself a potential BL series is not BL. It goes like this: "So what if suddenly the background changed to all sparkles when they saw each other? He said he wants to be friends! Friend does not automatically equal boyfriend, I don't care how many sparkles there were!" Normally, I'd give it up, since I currently feel no attachment to the characters, except that Hiro Shimono is in it, and I'm in love with him. Dude, not only is he in it, but he sings the ending theme! Okay, so the other three main guys sing it with him (including Jun Fukuyama!), but still.

So far, I'm in love with Happy Seven. I'm also in love with the costumes. The Twins look good in green, and the twins in that wear green! We should do a cosplay group! Unless it turns out to be dumb. It's hard to say just yet.

We decided we could do without Fighting Beauty Wulong, though I'm tempted to download the next episode to see if the guy introduced in it is played by Jun Fukuyama. It was actually pretty amusing, but we're not so big on the fighting serieses.

And that's my new series report for today. I'm really looking forward to Monday, when hopefully we'll get to see Mahjong Legend Akagi. As a Saiyuki fan, it would almost be a crime not to at least sample it.

And it just turned to midnight. So much for finishing this before then. But it still counts for Saturday. Anyway, tonight I'm thankful for Jun Fukuyama, Radio Megami Kouhosei, Hiro Shimono, penpals, and e-mail.
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