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More evidence that Hoshi-san is trying to be not cute

So we were watching Ichigo 100%, and a new member of the harem arrived, but she was played by Nana Mizuki. This is kind of a long story, and potentially very confusing, so I apologize in advance. Now, to our knowledge, Nana Mizuki has not played any of Kenichi Suzumura's love interests in past anime, like the first two members of the harem have. This was kind of disappointing to us, so we began a search to find if maybe they had played opposite each other in something we didn't know about. (By the way, if anybody knows a series where they did, please let us know!)

Our search led us to Suzumura-san's agency's website, where they have voice samples! We can never resist a good voice sample, so we started it playing while we looked over his resume. At first I didn't pay much attention because it was some narration, and narrations are boring. But suddenly we heard something about the melody of logic and how Sonobe-sensei was the culprit and we're like, "Wait a minute! We know that character!!" (Ayumu, from Spiral, for those who were wondering), and then he switched gears entirely and it was a really hyper cellphone monologue as Yuya from Gals!. So we're like, "It's a bunch of samples of characters he's played!!" and got really excited because Soichiro Hoshi works for the same agency.

So we rush over to Hoshi-san's resume and to see if we can identify all the characters in his voice sample, because we're such good fans, obviously we'd get all of them. He started with a commercial narration for a CD-ROM of "Hoshi no Ouji-sama (is that what they call the Little Prince in Japan?)" which is fun because it can translate to Prince Hoshi. But that's beside the point.

Sadly, we hadn't really heard any of the three characters in his voice sample. We only identified Kaoru (Ai Yori Aoshi) because we're so familiar with the manga. The interesting thing is that he chose two guys whose voices are much lower than his real voice, and one guy from a harem comedy (maybe more of a harem drama). We see this as an effort to get people to stop casting him as the adorable (and often feminine) characters he seems to be type cast as. But he's just so cute!!! ...and based on a certain Saiyuki event, I bet he hates being told that.

Anyway, it seems to be working; he's got some pretty masculine characters this season. Not to mention Kira's newfound totally awesomeness. His efforts to stop being cute still make me giggle though.
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