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We were supposed to have the day off today, but instead we had a little bit of extra work to take care of, which took longer than we expected. Fortunately, it still didn't take very long, so we still get to take off early, so to speak. This is good, because the cold I had a couple weeks ago keeps threatening to come back. We really want to just take a break, since we've been working a little extra almost every day since we got back from Disneyland. We might get to tomorrow, but there's no guarantee.

Last night was Celeste's birthday dinner, and we were out late enough that we didn't want to bother updating. We talked about all kinds of things, like how the education system is failing because the mandatory teaching methods are designed to cater to the lowest common denominator. Other than that...not really much to report.

Today I'm thankful for not having a whole lot of work today, the yummy butter pecan cake we had last night, having a good time talking with people, getting to sleep in this morning, and being done with work for the day.
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