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One thing leads to another

Facebook doesn't seem to think it's acceptable that Athena has so few friends on their platform, so they've been recommending people like there's no tomorrow. It started out just being people who are friends with the few friends she has on Facebook, but since she didn't take any of those suggestions (they really were mostly people we didn't know), it just started suggesting people we don't know anyway. Some of them have names that indicate they're related to people we know, and that I'm friends with on Facebook, but that she's not friends with on Facebook, but some of them, it's just like, "Why would I know this person?"

One person in particular has been suggested a lot, and every time we saw his picture, we were like, "He looks kinda familiar..." Today, we looked at it a little more closely and thought, "He looks like the original Black Ranger." And since we have a shiny new, super fast computer, we took a few seconds to look it up. Sure enough, it was him. We still don't know why all the suggestions, though. Maybe they figured from cookies that we're interested in Power Rangers.

But that led us to follow a completely different, yet related, issue. A few weeks ago, we were at Thursday Night Activity, talking to somebody who was in our ward very briefly before she got married. She's an anime fan, too, and she likes to go to the convention they have in Sacramento, where apparently she's met all kinds of famous people, most of whom seem to be Power Rangers. She was all like, "This person's nice, this person's nice, that person's actually really mean, this person's nice, but she doesn't speak much English."

The person who apparently doesn't speak much English is the actress who played Kat, the second Pink Ranger, who comes from Australia. Apparently this actress speaks some Australian language. We took her at her word, because, like, Ireland has non-English languages and stuff, but then we were like, "Wait, didn't all the white people in Australia originally come from England or something?" So we looked up the official language of Australia, because even though we were pretty sure it was English, we like to check our facts. Well, as it turns out, Australia doesn't have an "official" language, but English is the main one.

That experience, plus the fact that we've been watching an Australian TV show (H2O: Just Add Water, which we just finished last night, pout) reminded us of a different experience a long time ago, when we spent some time with a mixed group of people from America and people from Australia (and one guy from England). Sometimes, one of the Americans had a very difficult time understanding what the Australians said, almost like they were speaking another language, even though they were most certainly speaking English the whole time.

At first, I thought it was a sign of people being so incredibly set in their ways that they couldn't even handle different pronunciations of words. But since we were looking up Power Rangers, and thinking more deeply on the subject, I was reminded of another kind of random thing called face blindness. I think we found out about it because of some featured article on LJ or something. Apparently, some people have a thing called prosopagnosia, and they literally are unable to distinguish differences in faces without the help of different hairstyles or accessories or something. You can read all about it here.

So I started to wonder if maybe there was some kind of thing like that (though in kind of the opposite direction), that makes it hard for people to understand words when spoken with thick accents. And we totally would have looked it up, except that we were like, "I'm not sure how to Google that." So if anyone with awesome Google-fu wants to be a dear and try to find it for us, that would be super awesome of them.

And thus concludes our random musings for the day.

Today I'm thankful for the ability to recognize faces, the ability to understand accented pronunciation, Sengoku Basara getting more interesting in the third episode (hopefully it will stay more interesting), having time to watch Sengoku Basara today, and the yummy Trolli Brite Eggs we just snacked on.
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