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Whew, it has been a long day at work. But on the bright side, because we pushed ourselves to finish the volume we were working on, we can at least sleep in on Monday, if not take the whole day off. That will be very nice.

I decided it's just as well not to talk about stuff that happens in this announced-but-not-listed-on-the-internet-yet book, because obviously nobody's going to know what we're talking about, and it will all be spoilers. So instead, I'll mention something in it and tell our history with it. There's a part where they're doing something that I guess is best described as one-shot gags, which is a Thing they do in Japan, and seems to mostly involve an action with accompanying sound effects. One they used (which isn't actually supposed to be a one-shot gag, according to a quote we found on Wikipedia) involved holding your hand horizontally, very straight, at about chin level, and the sound, "Aiiin!"

Nanto! We had actually encountered this gag before! It was at Anime Expo 2001, in the Long Beach Hyatt. It was so long ago, we don't remember which panel we were walking out of, but I seem to remember wearing our Amiboshi and Suboshi costumes at the time. Anyway, we walked out of the panel and were stopped by a Japanese filming crew! Shock! And they wanted an interview!

It was only a few minutes long (like two, at the most), and it ended with the on-camera people saying, "Okay, we're going to tell you a joke." And then they did this gag! And we were like, "......?" And the guy with mic says, "Nooo reaction!"

And that was the whole interview! But we were pretty amused by the experience. Today we learned, very briefly, who the Japanese comedian was that popularized that gag...and we've already forgotten the name! ...It was a long day at work; brain power is low. But it started with a sketch where somebody was about to get mad at him, and he struck that pose in defense. The sound effect was applied to the move later.

Today I'm thankful for learning a little more about something that confused us over a decade ago, finishing the translation we were working on, the prospect of sleeping in on Monday, the chance to be on Japanese TV (we met someone the next year at AX who said she saw us!), and helpful customer service representatives.
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