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Making plans...ish

Oh man, the inside of my mind feels so cluttered right now. We've been making arrangements to meet up with Kyoya for his annual visit, which is exciting, but also really stressful, partly because of the language barrier, but mainly because our social anxiety seems to have gotten so much worse over the last year.

There's a bit of added stress this year in that we're not going to Disneyland. It was our idea, because we're mad at Disneyland, but the great thing about Disneyland is that we know exactly how to get there. This year, we're going to Universal Studios, and we only have a vague idea how to get there (go south until you hit the LA area, and then... then... uh...). So it's really very intimidating. But it's looking like we'll be able to get a ride from Mom, so at least we probably don't have to worry about getting lost. ...I hope. (One of my greatest fears is of being lost and stranded.)

In the meantime, it's actually really easy to think about anything else, because we like to be distracted from things that stress us out. But it's a little hard to focus right now specifically.

...Deep breaths.

Today I'm thankful for work going pretty well today, having plans to meet up with a friend, Mom offering to drive us down south, deep breaths (I think they're helping!), and still having toffee.
Tags: social anxiety, universal studios

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