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Article Seven

Well, it's been a long time since I talked about any Articles of Faith, so I figure it's about time I posted another one. Article seven:

"We believe in the gift of tongues, prophecy, revelation, visions, healing, interpretation of tongues, and so forth."

This one seems pretty straighforward, but the more I think about it, the more tricky it gets. Mostly the "healing" part, because we do believe that a priesthood holder can lay his hands on someone's head and heal whatever's ailing them, but we don't think of it like those guys who slam their hand on someone's forehead and shout, "Be healed!" I think the main difference is that it has to be done with the right authority, in the name of Jesus Christ.

The gift of tongues is another one that gets represented in interesting ways on TV and in the movies, like with possessed people suddenly speaking languages they never learned. The difference there is that we believe that the Lord bestows the gift of tongues when it will help bring enlightenment, as opposed to the confusion that would happen if I were to try talking to Celeste in Japanese, for example.

We've heard a great example of the gift of tongues in action. A friend of ours was sent to Germany to serve a mission, preaching the Gospel. Years after the fact, he was diagnosed with ADHD, which might provide a little background for his complete refusal to study. When he started his mission, he prayed saying, basically, "You know me; You know how I am about studying. I plan to stay here the full two years either way, but if You want me to teach the people in German, it's gonna have to be the gift of tongues." Two weeks later, he spoke fluent German. So there's an example of the gift of tongues being used to build the Kingdom.

I do think the rest of it is pretty straighforward, but of course we're open to questions.

Today I'm thankful for having our computer mostly set up the way we need it (still need to get Japanese input set up, but we use that less often than you'd think), our computer already being set up to automatically change wallpapers every half hour, the fancy wallpapers our computer came with (though we're going to have to add all the ones from our old computer, because we like those a lot, too), having all our old wallpapers backed up, and getting to play more Haruka 2 last night.
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