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New computer!

Today has already been pretty long, and it's only three o'clock! ...Well, 3:17. But still.

We got an early start, because today was grape harvest day! We had to wake up at 5:30, and we have determined that waking up when it's still that dark really messes with our heads. Athena suggests that maybe it's because we grew up in earthquake territory--if you're awake at that kind of hour, it's because of an earthquake or something.

But anyway, the grape picking went alright, and then we did some shopping, and then we finally set up our new computer! We're using it right now! The keyboard is different, so it's taking some getting used to, but it goes really fast! We're still using Internet Explorer for now. We think we'll change to Chrome soon, but we're so lazy. We'll see. But the important thing is that we should be able to watch videos now, so once we've recovered the mental energy expended while getting things set up (darn it, we still need to download Open Office), we're going to watch some anime! Woohoo!

...And we're very tired and not very coherent, so I think it's time to go have a snack.

Today I'm thankful for the grape harvest going well, having our new computer set up, getting to go grocery shopping, the cute baby elephant on our calendar for September, and Page's super adorable reactions to all the new computer setup activity.
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