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The busyness! The BUSYNEEEEESSSSS!

...Okay, it's really not that bad. Just, y'know. Busy. One of these days we'll get to slow down. It's a little tough, because last week I had a lot of food for thought, and stuff I wanted to post about, and I'm afraid it might all be slipping away... We'll see. Maybe next time we have some free time, I'll still remember it! Maybe!

For today, I just wanted to mention that we watched the second Haruka: Beyond the Stream of Time stage show last night, and have once again fallen madly in love with the actor who plays Tenma. And we found his blog again. You can go see how cute he is! We found out he was in one of the stage productions of Sengoku Basara, and now have a renewed interest in watching that series. But we can't, because our old, tired computer doesn't let us watch videos anymore. (Well, it will let us watch for a few seconds, then stop, and sometimes it lets us watch a whole video, but we really don't know how it makes the selections.) Oh yeah, and the time thing. We don't have time.

And once again, Nakamura-san plays Tomokazu Seki's character (in Sengoku Basara), which of course has us thinking about how amazing it would be if he were to play Kyo in a production of Fruits Basket.

There's also an LJ post in there (by which I mean my head, I guess) about the Haruka stage adaptation versus the Ace Attorney screen adaptation...but as previously discussed, there's no time. And then Page jumps onto the desk and stands in the way of the keyboard. It's just not a very productive environment. And we need to go to bed.

Today I'm thankful for more reminders that we like stuff, Seijiro Nakamura, having renewed energy to help us get our work done, Yasuaki's apparent love of cats, and the adorableness of the actor who played Shimon (whose name I'd have to look up... Oh, kanji).
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