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Jamboree part II

I was originally planning to finish the whole Disneyland report today, but my cold seems to have hit the fatigue stage. Normally I wouldn't let it bother me, but we have a lot of work to finish by the end of the month, so it's important that I not push myself.

Still, I can write a little bit about it.

When we left our heroes (that's us) yesterday, we were about to see if any of the dancers at the jamboree were going to pass out from heat exhaustion. The Billies left the stage, and a new set of music started playing--a new set that had us a little bit worried, because it sounded a lot more like modern country music, which we really don't care for. Still, we decided to stick around to see if maybe it wouldn't be that bad, and in fact, it wasn't! Tadah!

Miss Chrissy...or something like that...was in charge, and she wanted to start off with a sing-along, so she picked something everybody should know--"She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain." Well, that was a lot of fun, and then, because we're such good participaters, one of the Country Bears (they were going around finding people to participate in front of everybody) grabbed us and we got to join the little kids and Disney characters in a square dance. I don't think it was technically a real square dance, just like the Maypole at the princess thing isn't a real Maypole, but it was fun anyway, and since we all danced in a circle, I got to hold hands with Goofy!

Next we did a line dance, thus proving once again that the Twins are not the most graceful of dancers. Or coordinated. Oh, I'm sure it just takes practice, but...well, it also takes motivation. That part also had the most modern country music, so it was the hardest part of the whole jamboree, but it was still pretty fun. They had a big finale, and we were sad that straight men are discouraged from dancing in our society, because dancing is really hot. And in a big happy ending, nobody passed out from the heat, including us! Hurray!

But we were very tired and very hot, so we decided it was an excellent time to go on Pirates of the Caribbean, in all its air-conditioned glory. We said goodbye to Sue, who gave us each a hug, and then we were on our way. But we still freaked out a little, because whenever we have social interaction, we always worry about whether or not we did something wrong. Ah well, we'll get over it.

Today I'm thankful for getting to watch Shall We Dance? on Netflix, having a fun time dancing at the Frontierland Jamboree, the relief offered by Pirates of the Caribbean, getting to play Theatrhythm last night, and having tasty cheese popcorn as a souvenir.
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