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Jamboree part I

I have a little cold that I may have contracted at Disneyland or I may have contracted from the mysteriously sticky organ at church on Sunday, but the point is, I got a cough drop. The cough drop wrapper says it's trying to be encouraging, so it has little messages all over it, like, "You can do it and you know it." But most of them seem to be along the lines of, "Let's hear your battle cry!" And I'm like, "If my throat were in any position to make any kind of a battle cry, would I even need a cough drop?" That's not encouragement--it's some kind of a cruel joke! Or it's trying to get people to make battle cries so they'll need more cough drops. Or maybe it's saying, "I'll make your throat all better, so when it is, let's hear your battle cry!" Hmmm...

Anyway, I still had Disneyland things to talk about. Let's see... Friday started out pretty normally. We went on Indiana Jones, and the line was so short that we went on it again when we were done! And when we finally left, we noticed a clock that said the time, but with the label "Indy time!" So I wondered out loud how Indy time was different than regular time, and the cast member heard me and said, "It's five minutes ahead, love." That was awesome on many levels, but mostly the fact that we weren't invisible, and the fact that Indiana Jones would be awesome enough to always be five minutes ahead.

After that, we wanted to go on Casey, Jr., but there was a big group of people and what appeared to be recording equipment all sitting out front, blocking the queue area, and the section was roped off. So we went, "Hmmm, let's go on Dumbo!", partially because we like Dumbo and the line tends to be short early in the morning, and partially because we could get a better view of this mysterious group from the air. Or we were hoping to, anyway. Our plans were shaken up a bit when we got to the Dumbo line and saw a sign saying something about how they're filming in the area and if you go past that point you automatically give them permission to use your likeness, voice, whathaveyou for their own diabolical purposes. Well, that sounded cool, so of course we got in line anyway, but we sort of forgot not only about spying on the mystery group (because the sign pretty much told us what they were doing), but also that we like to sing Goofy's glider song when we're on Dumbo. ("High, high, up in the sky! Up in the sky, my glider and I!")

But we did notice that there weren't any cameras around Dumbo, so we were confused again, but Casey, Jr. looked open so we went on it, and we got to sit in the caboose! Wooooo! The caboose is fun, because you get to ride backwards. And then it was off to the Alice in Wonderland portion of Fantasyland, where we were going to go on the regular Alice attraction, but then we spotted the filming crew, so we decided to go on the teacups instead! Of course they were filming at the teacups--they always film at the teacups. The line wasn't very long, and we got to be on the ride when they did the second take. They did a bunch, which might make you feel sorry for the actors, but they didn't have to spin the cups, and they're not nearly as dizzifying if you don't spin the cups faster. We also got to ask a cast member what they were filming, and he said it was a commercial for next year. It wasn't until we were on the regular Alice attraction that we realized, "Wait a minute! We can't promote Disneyland and their ridiculously extortionate prices!" Oh well; we were only in one take, and they probably won't use us anyway.

We had to make sure to go on the Matterhorn in the daytime, because the Disney Parks Blog mentioned something about how, when they recently refurbished the ride, they mixed glass beads in with the white paint to make it look more like snow, and we wanted to see it sparkle. Sadly, when you're actually on the ride, you don't see much of the outside snow. Most of what I did see was in the shade, too, but I did see one patch that looked pretty sparkly in the split second as I rode by. If only they still had the Skyway; that would be the perfect way to see it. Alternatively, we could train really really hard and audition to be Matterhorn mountain-climbers, because they have guys climbing the mountain every day, because it's cool.

Anyway, from a distance, the snow looked...a bit yellowish. We wonder if all the imagineers are from Southern California and so didn't realize that they should have used a very pale blue tint for the snow. Sigh.

Moving on, we did a bunch of stuff and then decided to be rebels and eat lunch at Red Rocket's Pizza Port. It was a bit of a walk from Toontown, which is where we were when we decided it was lunchtime, but that's where we wanted to eat, because we didn't have any foodies with us to mock us for only eating pizza or complain about wanting fancier food. While we were there, there were a bunch of day camp kids eating lunch, and one of them gave us an inspired idea. He asked his friends, "Wanna have dinner here, too?" It was brilliant! Especially because the two of us get food we like better (except for the low-fat cheese) and spend less money doing it. And that's what we did.

But before that, we...did some stuff...right! We went to Frontierland! The entertainment schedule had said something about a Frontierland Jamboree, which we didn't pay much attention to at first, because it just mentioned meeting characters and Billy Hill and the Hillbillies, so we were like, "Oh, pretty much what they've had at Frontierland for a long time now, only with a fancier name." But for some reason I ended up looking at the entertainment schedule a little more closely and realized that not only had the Hillbillies changed venue, but the description indicated that perhaps the Disney characters were a part of their show. Well, we just had to see that, of course, despite misgivings that our "favorite" characters would be Woody and Jessie. We had hope, though, because it said Disney, and not specifically Disney/Pixar.

So off we went to Frontierland! We found the place a few minutes before the show. They have this great space between Big Thunder Ranch (the petting zoo) and Big Thunder Barbecue, where they used to have a pretty neat Hunchback of Notre Dame show, but we guess the show wasn't popular enough, because they stopped having it pretty quick, and then the area was just used for, like, private company picnics and stuff. But now they've opened it up for the Frontierland Jamboree, which is a lot more than just a show (although the shows are awesome). There was pin trading, and Mickey and Minnie and Chip & Dale were posing for pictures in their frontier outfits...come to think of it, we really should have gotten some pictures. Eheh.

Anyway, we were glad we got there early, because there was other stuff to do! The first thing that really caught our attention was the cast member asking some kids if they wanted to learn to lasso. They kind of shied away from her (or else just ignored her; I'm really not sure which), but it sounded cool, so we were like, "I wanna learn to lasso!" So she handed us each a specially made rope, which looked kind of like a real lasso, but it had a metal fixture thingie, so you could twirl the rope around and around and around and around without it getting all twisted up. And she used her fake Texan accent to tell us to act like we're stirring chocolate, and move the rope in circles, and when you get the rhythm right, the loop at the end stays horizontal and round, instead of just drooping.

We had a fun time talking with her, and then she asked us if we wanted to color. So we went and colored pictures of Mickey in his frontier outfit! We used melted crayons! It was awesome! The cast member told us about how earlier, a green crayon had succumbed to the heat, so she would touch it, then rub her finger on the paper to color, and all the kids watching her were like, "Whoa, how did you do that?" As a testament to the truth of her tale, we both got green crayon wax all over our fingers as we searched for the colors we wanted. Also, the orange crayon was giving in, too, and so instead of normal crayon texture, it kind of caked on to the picture I was coloring.

While we were coloring, another cast member came along and noticed my Kingdom Hearts shirt (I was wearing the one with Mickey in his Organization XIII coat), so we got to geek out about Kingdom Hearts and Final Fantasy, and he was excited because he just got cast in a parade, and I don't think he was supposed to say that in front of guests, but I like to hear about that kind of stuff. One, it makes me feel like an insider, and two, it's nice to know that the cast members are so excited. He was cast as one of the kigurumi characters, too, and it's easy to imagine those characters hating their job. But he was so excited! It was heartwarming.

It got brought up that I worked at Disneyland for a month, so when Mickey came by to say hello, Sue (our codename for the first cast member) asked, "Do you remember him from when he was your boss?" That was also about when she revealed that she was making an origami fortune-teller, but sadly, Mickey left before she finished it, so we didn't get to hear his fortune. But she did let each of us try, and according to her fortune-teller, the Disney character I'm most like is Mickey, and Athena is most like Minnie. *shrug*

While we were finishing our masterpieces, the show started! We figured it wouldn't be a big deal, since we've seen Billy Hill and the Hillbillies about a million times before, but then the crowd was making noise, so the three of us joined in, and then we all got scolded for not paying attention to the cut-off. We were busy coloring, so I don't know exactly what was going on, but from what happened later, we gather that the audience was practicing screaming at the train. See, the jamboree venue was right on the other side of the fence from the Disneyland Railroad tracks, and in case a train passed by, Billy wanted to freak them out (I guess?) by screaming, but cutting the scream off so it sounded unnatural. He did let us off the hook, though, because we were coloring, and because Sue was a relatively new cast member.

We finished our coloring and found somewhere to sit that was more audience-like, and Billy started talking about their cousin from Louisiana named Billy. But his last name wasn't Hill, it was Begood. So now they were going to sing a song that they wrote by Chuck Barry about Billy Begood. (Incidentally, their first song was Ghost Riders in the Sky, which they told us not to sing along to, because that would mess them up.) And when they got to the chorus, now it was time to start singing along. But nobody did! Billy was like, "Okay, sing along! ...Okay, don't sing along. ...Just sit there doing nothing! Good!"

We only didn't sing along because we didn't know the song at all, but it was pretty easy to figure out the chorus, so we sang along all the other times, and at the end, Billy thanked us specially for being the only two people singing along. We think he may have been hinting at us to stand up so everyone could see us, but we're terrible at picking up on those things.

Then it was time for the Orange Blossom Special, the one thing that shows up in every Billy Hill and the Hillbillies show. This time it was extra exciting, because they had a bigger stage, and so could spread out to do the "train thing." (The "train thing" very difficult to describe. They do like a Doppler effect thing, and while it's building up, they're all looking at one side of the stage, expectantly, and as "the train" passes by, they all turn the other way to watch it go.) I admit, it was slightly more exciting with more space. And then it was time to get out all the fiddles, and the lead Billy came down into the audience to show off his fake teeth that help him play like a real fiddler instead of a classical violinist. I was bold this time--he always demonstrates his classical violin-playing, which is supposed to be a flaw but is really pretty amazing--but since it was the undesired playing style, I always thought about booing it. And this time I did! Ha! And he basically replied with, "Chill, Twins. Just hold on (indicating that the playing would get better after he applied his pros-teeth-is)."

But while he was doing that, a train came by! And we got to scream at it! ...But unfortunately, it was on the other side of the fence, so we have no idea how the passengers reacted.

The Billies finished the show, and it was a lot of fun. While they were playing, some of the Country Bears came out and joined the audience, which was especially great, because one time when we saw the Billies, they talked about how they were the Country Bears' biggest fans, and they'd go and see their show every day! But the Country Bears didn't come to see them once. (Which was funny, because the Country Bears in the show are animatronic figures and they're bolted down.) And we were happy for the Billies.

Before they left, Billy announced the next group that would be coming along, and said there were going to be people dancing up in front, so it might be fun to stay and see how many of them pass out from heat exhaustion. (It was really hot that day, as indicated by the melting crayons.) We'll tell more about them tomorrow.

Today I'm thankful for Indy time, Red Rocket's Pizza Port, salty pizza, getting to hang out with cast members, and not passing out from heat exhaustion.
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