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You can't judge a book by the summary on the back cover.

I've noticed I have a really bad habit of plugging all these serieses and then not saying what they're about. I think the main reason for this is that several of my favorite things are serieses or movies (DN Angel, Saiyuki, The Emperor's New Groove, Jungle wa Itsumo Hale nochi Guu, etc.) that we saw without having any clue whatsoever what they were about. And I think a couple of those (DN and Emperor's New Groove) were a lot more enjoyable for not knowing what was going to happen.

Another reason for this may have something to do with Kaleido Star. It's another of our favorite serieses, and we want people to watch it, but every time someone asks what it's about, you can just see the interest evaporate as soon as they hear, "and she wants to join the circus." It's extremely frustrating, especially because it's a really cool circus, and you get to see some really cool animated acrobatics. And every time we watch an episode, we just feel better afterwards. But people hear "circus" and they're out. This makes it very difficult to share our favorite serieses.

I guess if people have favorite genres it makes sense to ask what a story is about. We don't really have favorite genres. I think we've led people to believe that our favorite genres are mecha and magical girl. It's kind of weird though. With mecha, whenever we'd go to check out what a series was about, if there was a bunch of mecha stuff at the website, we'd lose interest, because we don't care about all the mechanical stuff. But we do enjoy several mecha serieses.

Magical girl, I recently realized, may actually be one of my least favorite genres. There are quite a few magical girl serieses that we really like, but I think I've seen more magical girl serieses that I don't care for than any other genre. That might just be because we've seen so many magical girl serieses though. I think the secret is in the filler, and how important a role the main guy plays.

Still, a summary of a series won't tell you if it's good or not. For example, The Candidate for Goddess manga is very very good (in our opinion). The Candidate for Goddess anime (Pilot Candidate, as it's called here) is not so good. But they would have the exact same summary. It really is all in the telling.
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