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Well, today has certainly been less exhausting than most of the rest of the week, but we do still feel like, now that work is done, we've finally emerged from our little cave. I was thinking it would be nice if we could say, "And now we have a nice relaxing weekend ahead of us," but then I realized we probably would have spent tomorrow working if we didn't have other plans.

This weekend is the second tri-annual California statewide LDS YSA Conference, and our Saturday is booked solid. I don't know if I should be calling it fortunate, but we are a little glad to have a friend who's just as disinterested in tonight's dance as we are. She's going to come pick us up, we'll all go get our registration taken care of, and then we'll come right back home. Of course the point of the dance is to, like, get to know people and stuff, our experience, dances have not been the best venues for that kind of thing. Although I suppose you see sides of people on the dance floor that you don't normally see elsewhere... *remembers last year's non-statewide conference*

Today I'm thankful for having a sympathetic friend to drive us to and from con reg, having time to practice the hymns for Sunday, having smaller files to work with today, Page being considerate enough to only wake people up ten minutes early, and being done with that event in Legend Cards.
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