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Cabin fever

We were sorely tempted to take the day off of work today, but we're just too richigi. And so we worked anyway. We weren't feeling quite so bad as we were last night, though, so it wasn't so terrible.

We just got some bad news last night and we took it pretty hard. Don't worry; no one died or anything. It's just like we got the wind taken out of our sails...or more like we've had the wind out of our sails for a long time, and somebody kept hinting at us--don't worry, the wind is coming soon! Then you can be on your merry way! But last night we got the memo, "Oh, I thought I told you. The wind died."

So it's time to get out the oars, but when you're lost at sea, it's really hard to figure out which direction you need to go to find land. And that's the problem we're facing right now. So last night, we were pretty scared about the future, but after talking it over and getting a good night's rest, we managed to cheer ourselves up a little and have faith that things will work out. But we're still pretty daunted by the idea of all that rowing, and we still don't know which way to go.

For now, we just need to get back to organizing our apartment. But when we're bummed out, it's really hard to want to work on that. We'd much rather just read manga or play video games. Sigh...

Today I'm thankful for dramatic chase scenes (this volume of Higurashi is so much more cooperative so far), having reason to believe we weren't wasting our time waiting for the wind (every time we were about to start paddling, something would happen to hold us back), finally getting to see episodes of Psych past where we left off two years ago, still having toffee, and making good progress on Higurashi today.
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