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Whew, we have paid the price for skipping out on work early on Friday. It's like two hours after our normal quitting time. Okay, maybe an hour and a half. This volume of Higurashi really was exceptionally talky. What happened to all the large and violent sound effects? But we did it! We finished editing this draft. And now, we shall reward ourselves with toffee.

The moral of the story is, don't put off till tomorrow what you can do today. Or something.

Today I'm thankful for having toffee to reward ourselves with, Tiger & Bunny CDs to make overtime more bearable (okay, so there's one CD, but that one CD is very effective), Page helping out by being genuinely cute (as opposed to the "cute" way cats "help" with work, by getting in the way of everything), being done with this volume of Higurashi, and being done with work for the day.
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