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More ranting

I keep having these things I want to post, but then things come up that I feel are more urgent, because I'll block them from my memory otherwise.

Steve is being surprisingly persistent in his Thanksgiving invitation. Well, the persistence isn't quite so much a surprise as the frequency of his contacting us, although it might only be because his sister needs to know how many tickets to get for the play they're all planning to see. He didn't tell us what it was, which makes me think it may be a play I'd rather not see.

I actually did confront him with the same question I asked Mom last night, and he said that it wasn't right and that's why he's trying to make up for it. This is probably the closest thing to "I'm sorry" he'll ever say.

Okay, that's not completely fair. He did say he was sorry that our lives were so crazy about a year ago when he screwed them up, but he was careful to word it in such a manner as to not be holding any of the blame.

Bitter? Me? Ha, ha, ha. (You're laughing evilly again.) Oh. I mean, hahahahaha!

I'm getting closer to coming right out and telling him that I don't consider him to be family, which, if done right, would probably be a good thing, because passive agressivism is definitely a bad thing.

Athena's far more practical about this whole thing. Her not wanting to go has a lot less to do with grudges against Steve and a lot more to do with the idea that it probably would not be a worthwhile use of our time. We could probably spend Thanksgiving much like we spend our normal Sundays--spend some time reading manga, watch some anime, and lots of Final Fantasy IX (or maybe some other game)--and be perfectly content with our Thanksgiving. Maybe splurge and order a pizza, but that sounds cruel to the guys who'd have to work. We'd do it on the Friday then. Then we wouldn't have to figure out who would feed the cats, we wouldn't have to catch up on five days of missed anime downloads, we wouldn't have to spend time with people who stress us out... It really seems like a much better deal.

The battle rages on.

But tonight, I am thankful for Batman because Superman seems to be acting really stupid this year (in Smallville and Justice League), Robin, Starfire, the Flash, and cookies.
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