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Last night we took the best Disneyland survey ever. The invitation showed up in our email last night, and I thought it was a little odd, because I thought we'd already taken enough surveys to cover all the times Disneyland cast members asked us to take surveys, but we've been wanting to give Disneyland a piece of our minds ever since the price hike in May, so we jumped at the opportunity! ...And, as I said, it turned out to be the best survey ever.

There were a bunch of really short questions that I don't remember, like what kind of admission did you use, how many times have you been to Disneyland since it existed, etc. (all pretty standard, actually), but the best were the essay questions! First, they asked me to describe our latest trip to Disneyland as I would to a friend or colleague. It said, "Please be as specific as possible." I tried to write something new, but four weeks is a long time ago, so I went to LiveJournal for help...and then we decided to just copy and paste the whole two-part Cars Land/Buena Vista Street report. Sure it has a bunch of rambling about family road trips and stuff, but that is how we described our trip to our friends and colleagues, so...

The other best question was when they asked me to write a letter to myself in five years, asking what I was like and what my interests were, and what, if anything, I would say about Disneyland. It was a pretty fun exercise in creative writing, and I did think briefly about saving the letter into a different file so I could still read it (and copy it here, but I didn't get that far before I forgot all about it), but only briefly. I...may not have said the most flattering things about Disneyland in it. In fact, I didn't really say much that was complimentary, which is really sad considering how much I theoretically love Disneyland.

The fact is, though, our love for Disneyland has been waning. It makes us very sad, because everybody needs a laughing place, and Disneyland was ours. There are a bunch of factors contributing to this, including the price hike, and the fact that we're just not interested in a lot of the stuff Disneyland is doing lately. I don't know if it's just that we're resistant to change and so are finding fault with everything, or if it's that we're so biased against Pixar lately, or what, but lately it seems like they're just not putting as much heart into everything as they used to.

...On the other hand, we might just be worn out because we haven't gotten to go on Indiana Jones nearly as much as we normally would have in as many times as we've been to Disneyland recently.

Oh well. I'm sure we'll work it all out eventually.

Today I'm thankful for remembering to track our package (thus discovering that it had already been delivered and was in the office) before the office closed, having more shiny new manga, getting a reasonable amount of work done despite this volume being a little extra talky, getting to take the best Disneyland survey ever, and not having to be a slave to fashion.
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