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We had a couple of surprises in the last twenty-four hours. The first one...well, the first one was when the person teaching the lesson for Home Evening Group insisted that we all play Bigger and Better, which required us to break into small teams and go from door to door talking to people we don't know. You can imagine how much fun this sounded like to us (hint: not a lot), but she was all like, "You have to!" and despite her being ten years younger than us, for some reason we listened. I like to think it's because we had some compassion for her and the fact that she thought it was a good idea.

Anyway. The first surprise that was actually kind of fun was that we came home and found a package from the Disney Movie Club in our mailbox. We didn't remember making any orders; we assumed that we'd probably failed to decline a featured title, and that we must now have the Blu-ray version of Treasure Planet or something (not that we don't want Treasure Planet, just that we already have it on a two-DVD set with lots of extras that we haven't finished watching). So we opened it up and found The Princess Diaries! ...Huh?

We didn't remember the Princess Diaries being a featured title, but now that we think about it, there may be some vague blip in our memories of some email or mailing that had Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews on it... On the other hand, we've had mysterious DVDs sent to us from the Disney Movie Club before, so we wanted to check. That's when we found out how hard it is to find a list of DMC featured titles. So what started out as mild curiosity turned into a determined quest. We called the automated number, and got a lot of menus and not a lot of help. We sent an email and got a form email back explaining how the whole featured title thing works, which, we discovered, is apparently something they get a lot of complaints about because nobody bothers to read the entire membership agreement.

But all we wanted to know was whether or not the Princess Diaries was a featured title that we failed to decline, or did they just send it to us randomly? Finally this morning, I called the number again and got to talk to a cast member, who told me that yes, it was a featured title. (Then we got a different email saying, "We cannot answer your question at this time; please call our number.") All I want now is for the Disney Movie Club to make some kind of a list of featured titles, so when I get a movie that I don't remember ordering, I can see if it was my own fault or not.

On the bright side, Princess Diaries!

The other surprise I wanted to talk about came this morning. Page, as usual, had spent the morning on the balcony, but by the time we were finished with our morning computer routine (email, blogs, etc.), she had settled into her spot by the desk, so we figured it was okay to close the balcony door so as not to air condition the whole great outdoors. So when we went to the kitchen to get some water, we closed the door, but when we turned around, there was a little black silhouette hovering timidly in the doorway, apparently returning from the living room. It was the neighbor's cat, and he was soooo cute. I wonder what he was doing in our living room, and I'm sad we didn't see him on our way to the kitchen.

He must have heard the door close and been alarmed about the possible loss of his escape route. So we opened the door and he left, but when we closed the door again, he looked like he wanted to come back in. And we wanted to let him, because we love kitties so much. (Also, the neighbors have been a bit lax in refilling the food/water dish outside their door lately.) But we're just not sure if it's safe for our kitty (or the strange kitty) to let strange kitties into our home, so we kept the door closed. Still, the idea of kitty visitors has so much charm...

Today I'm thankful for happy surprises, visits from the neighbor's cat, not having to break up a cat fight, helpful customer service representatives, and the pleasant music playing while I'm on hold.
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