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We're starting to think that Page is definitely a desert cat. It's a hundred degrees outside and she still demands that we let her out onto the balcony. What's really cute is when we let her out, but it's too hot for her, so she comes inside but leaves her tail out so we won't close the door. I guess she doesn't always care so much about being outside as she does about having the option of going outside.

Anyway, after we saw DisneyNature's earth all that time ago, we had a really really hard time motivating ourselves to watch the next film in the series, oceans. But we were feeling pretty good about life yesterday, so we decided we had the endurance to watch it, even if it did turn out to be like earth.

When we started it up, we had hope because we noticed that oceans was made by a different team than earth, but the visuals were still absolutely stunning. We were also hoping they wouldn't kill so many baby animals, but no luck in that regard either. They practically massacred all those baby turtles! (By which I mean the baby turtles were all going to be eaten anyway, since apparently that's how the ecosystem works, but they showed it happening for a long time.) They also seemed to enjoy showing sharks and killer whales jumping at seals. There wasn't a single upbeat tune in the entire soundtrack, and there somehow seemed to be a lack of color variety (even when it said that nature tries every color! they only showed a couple of mild variations of red!). But there was less time-lapse footage, so that was good, because then there was less of an agoraphobic feeling. Except that for Athena there was a lot more of an agoraphobic feeling, because they were out in the open ocean! (Now that she points it out, that is pretty scary; I just didn't notice it in all the footage.)

So far we're two for two on DisneyNature films: very pretty, probably nice to have on as some kind of moving wall-art, but for us not so entertaining. Or even informative, which is the really sad thing. We've seen Disney's True Life Adventures! They were at least somewhat educational...though it's really hard to say with that one, because we read somewhere that those are what started the false rumor that lemmings commit mass suicide on a regular basis. We haven't seen the lemmings one, so maybe people were blowing things out of proportion, but then again, maybe they weren't.

The point is, afterward we cheered ourselves up by finally watching the DVD that came with our special edition Final Fantasy: Type-0 soundtrack. It's kind of sad to be cheered up by a DVD of the beginning of Type-0, because, well...there's a lot of death in that game. But somehow it felt depressing, I guess. I can't really describe it. Maybe all the familiar voice( actor)s made it more comforting or something.

Anyway, that's tangentially related to our visiting Kinokuniya's website today and being sucked in by all their super awesomeness. (We ordered volume one of the Type-0 manga.) On the left side of the page, they have links to books...and we never really bothered reading why they put those links there, because whenever we go to the site, we're on a mission to search for some manga or another, but they had these links. And one of the books they linked to was "Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo," which means "Japanese that Japanese People Don't Know," and we were like, "Wha...?" So we had to order it! It seems like it could be a good reference...although I guess what we really need to know more about is English that English-speaking people use...but that's what TV is for!

So we bought it! And it was pretty expensive, and suddenly we're like, "Argh, how can we spend so much money on manga!? We don't even have anywhere to put it, and for all we know, all our work is going to run out by the end of next month!!!" But we got the first volume of Sekaichi reprints anyway. And we were really torn between stopping the overspending and buying enough manga to get free shipping...but we're still hesitant to drop a hundred dollars on books, so we stopped. It's kind of exhausting to think about. But I'm excited for the books we ordered!

Today I'm thankful for making it through oceans, having Trolli Brite Octopi to help us out, Page coming inside, getting to watch our Type-0 DVD, and getting to order shiny new manga.
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