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Last night Mom called and asked if we wanted to go with her to the local farmer's market they have every Friday during the summer. We're always up for something like that, so off we went! ...And it was ridiculously hot, so we left. Also, it made Athena and me nervous, because all the vendors are so friendly and so eager to talk about their wares, and we want to know about their wares and get a closer look at everything...but we like to think for a while before we buy anything, so any conversation like that tends to end in, "Maybe later," or something, which just makes us feel very awkward and like running away. But we really were interested in trying the one guy's sugar cane juice after he got his booth set up, but his booth wasn't set up and then we left.

Today we went to the store, which also involved an impromptu trip to Costco, because even though nobody needed to buy anything in bulk, we all agreed that we like looking around Costco, so we did and all ended up buying things that nobody needs, but are bound to be fun. In Mom's case, most of the things were books for Logan. In our case, it was DVDs and a book (and Brita water filters, but those are something we will need in the future).

We were walking by all the books, and we saw that they had books from the How to Train Your Dragon series. Well, the movie was great, so we were interested! We saw books three, four, and nine, and we were like, "What the...?" And the books were all lying in a stack, horizontally on a shelf (like usual at Costco when you buy books), only this time, they weren't on the book display shelves, they were on the regular display shelves, so we couldn't just look and see behind the first stack of books--we had to actually move stuff out of the way. It was more of an ordeal than (we think) it should have been.

But eventually! we were triumphant and found book one. So we resolved to buy it, but by that time we were done searching and not interested in trying to find book two at all. It's just as well, because we don't even know if we like it yet, so it's best not to spend so much money on so many hardcover books (three and four were right there, all ready for us!).

And despite this influx we've had of fun entertainment stuff, we haven't really taken time to enjoy any of it! (Except that last night, we watched two episodes of Psych, which is so good at making all our grumpiness go away...until we start thinking, "Why was I even grumpy to begin with?" and then we remember and we're grumpy all over again.) That's okay; we'll get to it all eventually, I'm sure.

Today I'm thankful for finally finding book one of How to Train Your Dragon, finally having Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame on DVD, Italian herb & parmesan Chex Mix, having all our shopping done, and having lots of fun stuff to look forward to.
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