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They're good.

But not good enough.

Mom told us today that all Steve talks about apparently is taking us all up to Washington for Thanksgiving. This does not sway our opinion at all. What almost swayed our opinion, however, was when Mom told us that he suggested giving us the middle seat in the van, where Athena would be allowed to play Kingdom Hearts while the kids in the back watched. Not only would we finally be able to play Kingdom Hearts for a good long time after over a year (wow, almost two... unless you count the time before AX when we had Mom's copy, but there was too much stress there for me to remember it), but she'd be playing with an audience, which is one of her favorite things. I don't count, because I'm always around.

Still, Athena has a hard time reading in the car (makes her sick), and the same goes for playing GameBoy, so we're not sure if it would be a good idea. And if it turned out to be a bad one, how much would that suck to have Kingdom Hearts so close and not be able to play it?

Really, I want Mom to know how much she and Steve hurt us last year, so I brought up last Thanksgiving, asking why Steve would pull a mother away from her family for Thanksgiving if it's so important to him that people be with family on big holidays. Her response was simply, "I thought he apologized for that." For the record (and I did make sure to tell her), he didn't.

The battle rages on.

Meanwhile, Steve had apparently been wracking his brain to come up with the perfect Christmas presents for us. I know this is a very kind gesture, but I do wish he would consider our actual interests. He and Mom seem to have decided that the perfect gifts would be bicycles. And maybe they would, if we had ever learned to ride bicycles as children. Mom had already pointed this out to Steve, and his solution is that he can teach us when he's teaching his almost-seven-year-old to ride her bike. Joy.

I honestly don't think the bicycles would get a whole lot of use out of them, since, frankly, we're lazy. We don't go anywhere if we can help it. And when we can't help it, it's because we need stuff, which would be hard to transport with bikes, because even with the baskets, we don't go anywhere unless we really have to, which means we'd need too much stuff to carry. Or maybe I'm just complaining about stupid things. Either way, we'd rather get an import PS2.

Anyway, to cut down on post counts for the day, today I'm thankful for Tony's frozen pizzas, Honey Bunches of Oats (that's why they call it the best of the bunch!), sales, satin ribbon, and pretty colors.
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