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Earlier this morning, Athena heard something that may or may not have been a knock at the door. Normally, Page alerts us to any such strange activity outside our door (when there's a knock, she comes dashing into our room to hide from the strangers), but she's gotten into the habit recently of snuggling up at the foot of the desk when we're working, and apparently she was just too comfortable, and the sound was too quiet, for her to take any notice.

So I got up to check on it, and there really was someone at the door! It was the mailwoman, with not one but two packages for us! We were expecting two packages, but one was supposed to come via UPS, and the return address on the second package was one that didn't make sense for either of the packages we ordered. We were dying with curiosity to see what was inside it, but we decided to keep working until the CD was over anyway.

Finally, it was time to open it up! And it was...Gundam 00!! Woohoo!!

...Okay, so I'm guessing most people reading our LJ at this point aren't into mecha anime at all, but we're excited, and that's the important thing. Especially because we ordered the series through Crunchyroll's deal of the day several weeks ago. We got an order confirmation, but we never got a shipping confirmation, so we'd pretty much resigned ourselves to the possibility that they forgot all about it or ran out before they got to us or something. (We were sort of considering emailing Crunchyroll to see what the deal was, but we're way too easily distracted, and now we don't need to!) And now we finally get to see it, with all its shiny character designs and voice actors, and apparently there are twins played by the same guy, but it's a guy we really like if I remember correctly.

I'll stop rambling about that now, and start rambling about something else! Except that I'm kind of distracted right now, because I agreed to bring refreshments to Thursday Night Activity tonight, and we just had to dash into the kitchen to pull some cookies out of the oven.

Anyway, we also got our UPS package! We were waiting for something or other the other day, and I decided to check out Barnes & Noble's summer clearance sale. It didn't take long for us to find a Grimm's fairy tale collection with a very pretty cover, and despite the fact that we already own a Grimm's fairy tale collection, the five dollar price, and the fact that it was published on our birthday, made us want it very badly. So we ordered that, a big book of birdsongs which was like 88% off, and a couple of Calvin and Hobbes comic collections.

And of course there was the Amazon package that had season five of Psych, and an Imagineering Workout book, in case anyone was curious.

But in case anyone's still here after reading the lists of stuff that we've been buying, another neat thing happened today, and that was that some of our relatives posted a link to this blog, which is basically a bunch of stuff our grandfather wrote. Off the record, because he wrote a lot of stuff that was published officially, too (and we keep thinking about checking it out, but all of his books are so expensive!). Anyway, we like it, because it seems like a good way to learn more about our heritage, a subject we are woefully ignorant about. And if you look at it, and compare his writing style to ours, you might see why we never considered ourselves to be all that smart.

Today I'm thankful for all the shiny packages, actually getting our Crunchyroll order, two of our packages showing up a day early, all the cool information we have newly at our fingertips (maybe not so newly, in the case of the Grimm book, but this one is "complete," while we think our other one might not be), and finishing work early so we have plenty of time to bake cookies for the activity.
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