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Wrapping it up

I think I have just a little more to say to wrap up all the stuff about chan and kun and whatever. It would be interesting to have a nice, civil discussion with someone who's opposed to leaving Japanese titles, to see how they would address all of our points on the matter, but we're pretty good at arguing with ourselves, too, so we've basically boiled it down to, "But you can't actually translate them without losing a bunch of nuance!" versus, "But when you shove all those new terms in a new reader's face, they'll be confused and lose interest!"

It makes the manga less accessible, potentially. Of course, some of the manga fans like that, because let's face it, many of us like to feel like we're part of an elite club that only the truly enlightened can join. (Ew, that sounds really snobby.) But lately we've wondered if perhaps the manga industry has so many problems because so many of the fans don't want there to be new fans. And if there aren't new fans, the market shrinks, people stop buying the product, and the product goes away. And so do our jobs...

That's another rant. The point is, we like to be welcoming! So we want people to be able to read manga and think it's cool and stuff without being confused. On the other hand, I want to have faith that people are intelligent enough to get the hang of something that might be a little unusual, like high school students calling each other by their last name, with maybe a san or a kun after it. I think some people might just accept it as "how they do things in manga," and not worry too much about whether or not it means anything, but in that case the whole "relationship dynamics" thing doesn't matter anyway. But the more curious reader might flip back to the front of the manga and read what that title means.

So really what it all boils down to is reception. So the only way to find the "right" answer would be to focus-group the heck out of it...and even then the answer is subject to change without notice. Oh, the fickleness of fans...

Today I'm thankful for getting shipping confirmation from Amazon (soon we'll be able to watch more Psych!), getting shipping confirmation from Barnes & Noble (we took advantage of their summer clearance sale and got something called the Birdsong Bible; we're hoping to learn to identify all the local birds by their songs!), getting to listen to our Tiger & Bunny CD again, making good progress at work today, and getting to play Theatrhythm last night.
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