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Yesterday, when I was ranting and raving about picky translation haters, I was all ready to go into our big thing about name honorifics in our next post. But then today turned into a Super Busy Day, so I decided I didn't want to spend that much time organizing my thoughts. Besides, there's stuff going on, and maybe I wanted to post about that.

...But maybe I didn't. The day started out with a service project! Tadah! We joined with the people from the city to clean up a park. To be honest, we really didn't want to go, because last time our church helped clean up a park, we ended up putting ourselves on litter-pickup duty, and it wasn't really fun. I think it probably would have been more fun if we had friends to spend the time with, but we are sadly friendless. Even so, we were determined to be optimistic this time! They said there would be painting as part of the project, and we were hopeful that we could get that assignment.

...But all the paint rollers were taken by the time we signed our liability waivers, and so we ended up picking up trash again. It was a little better this time, though, because there wasn't Easter grass all smashed into the ground, and the park was smaller than the last one we helped clean. And more than anything, we actually had someone to talk to for at least a third of the time.

I'm still a little disappointed in myself for not having a better attitude. We moved from the playground to the baseball field, and there seemed to be a lot more litter, so I said, "This is why I hate sports! Look at all this litter!" After some clarification (obviously the litter was left by athletes), someone said, "That's like saying people don't kill people, guns kill people." I kind of wish we'd been a little more persistent about the "That's interesting that you assume we like guns" angle (we're neutral about guns; we know a bunch of people who love them a lot, and they're welcome to have fun at the shooting range, but as for ourselves, we don't have any interest in them), but I realized that what I said was basically the same as if somebody came along and said to us, "This is why I hate anime!" So I apologized, but I kept whining for a little while longer.

Really, what should have been pointed out was that we should at least be grateful to sports, because if there hadn't been a bunch of kids there to play soccer, we would have had to clean even more of the park. And so, because of soccer, we got to go home early.

Later today, we have a meeting to go to that has something to do with the state-wide LDS Young Single Adult Conference that's coming up in August. Athena's going because she's the ward temple coordinator (temple work is a major theme of the conference), and I'm going because they called last night needing someone to play the organ. The meeting is supposed to be four hours long. And so today is super busy.

Today I'm thankful for having people to talk to at the service project this morning, getting to go home early because of the soccer games, Steve taking us to the store last night so we could get milk, having Drumsticks, and having Trolli gummy thingies.
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