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The weather is very hot again today, but fortunately! it's looking like the predicted high is less than 100 degrees for Saturday. That will be good, because we have a service project cleaning up a park that morning. Hurray for tender mercies.

There's still not a whole lot to post about. We decided to go back and glance at a bunch of our old picture posts, and that was nice and nostalgic. We saw all our pictures from our trip to Japan, and now we want to go back to DisneySea...but do we ever not want to go back to DisneySea? ...And wow, I just accidentally typed DisneySad. What kind of deep psychological issues am I holding onto here? Maybe I'm sad because I feel like the trends are moving public tastes so far away from the things I love about Disney movies and Disneyland that we may never see the type of Disney movie we like again... That's kind of a scary thought.

Anyway, we also looked at a bunch of Anime Expo pictures, which reminded us, "Oh yeah, that's why we like AX!" But that instantly turns into, "We need new costumes!" And we've been saying that for years and never actually doing anything about it. There's a definite lack of motivation that may or may not need to be fixed. Athena says it's because nobody around here cares and nobody who cares talks to us about it. So it's like, "Hey, we made new costumes!" "Uh... cool...?" Or at least that's how we assume people are going to react (I know what they say about assuming, but I can't help it; it's based on experience...of course things may have changed since those experiences, but it's still hard not to assume), and for some reason we haven't been able to motivate ourselves just with the fact that it's fun to dress up as characters. Hrm.

Of course, this heat makes it so nothing sounds fun except sitting down and playing video games. We may go do that right now.

Today I'm thankful for slightly cooler forecasts for Saturday, getting to look at some old pictures, Amazon gift cards (we just ordered season five of Psych!), not having plans tonight, and finishing work early again.
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