Alethea & Athena (double_dear) wrote,
Alethea & Athena

I'm going to go back there someday♪

We are so glad our air conditioning is not broken today. predicted a high of 110 degrees! We didn't even bother turning off the AC and opening windows last night, because it wouldn't have gotten cool enough to make a significant difference...and our AC is set to 83! Sigh.

Anyway, we're starting to be a little sad that we're not going to Comic Con. I don't know why we're more broken up about it than we were about Anime Expo. Maybe for the same reason the manga companies have stopped bothering with AX, or maybe because we've actually been able to spend a significant amount of time at home without any sudden Disneyland trips. It might also have something to do with a brief incident from the last time we went to Comic Con (three years ago) that I failed to mention in our report.

We were trying to find the queue to get into the Green Lantern movie (the animated one), and as we were walking down the hall, I saw someone out of the corner of my eye that looked a lot like Lassiter from Psych. Upon slightly closer inspection, I realized he was standing with someone else who looked a lot like Gus, and then it just seemed like it was the whole Psych group! But we didn't stop, because we were in a hurry to find the Green Lantern movie.

So now that we've been watching at least one episode of Psych every day for the last several weeks, we're like, "I can't believe we walked by the whole cast of Psych!" (I don't remember if it was the whole cast; it was three years ago, but still), a thought which is then followed by, "Wouldn't it be nice to go back?" I admit that in this heat, the thought of a trip to San Diego is more than a little appealing, even if it does mean nine hours on the train. (More like six hours on the train with a two hour layover in LA, and an hour on a bus. Not sure if that makes it better or worse.)

That being the case, we're totally thinking of going next year.

Today I'm thankful for fond memories of San Diego Comic Con, our air conditioner working to keep us relatively cool in this heat, finally figuring out the mysteries of the Babysitter Series in Legend Cards, having ways to obtain more Psych after we've watched everything available on Hulu (we only have five episodes left), and finishing work slightly early today.
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