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Today has been a day of unplanned nonproductivity. We fully intended to work today. We really did. But first we had to go to the store, and when we got back, we saw all these conflicting reports about what had and had not been confirmed about this new Sailor Moon anime that everybody's talking about. We had read the news earlier, and chosen not to care about it too much; we had the facts (that a new anime had been announced), and we were content to wait until more information was available.

But I guess it might have been lingering pride or something. Like, everybody's being a know-it-all about one of our favorite things, which is fine, except for the fact that with so many conflicting reports, some of them were guaranteed to be wrong. And when people go around acting like know-it-alls with wrong information, we tend to want to knock them off their pedestals. Or at least find out the real information and be smug to ourselves or something.

So we went to the official Sailor Moon homepage to see what we could find out, and of course they said nothing because it's the weekend in Japan. All we got was a link to the special broadcast thingie, and so we decided to watch it, and it was very long. And it was extra long for us, because we had technical difficulties partway through. What we found out is that there's going to be a new anime, Momoiro Clover Z is going to sing the theme song, and they're aiming to start running it in summer of next year. Naoko Takeuchi's editor confirmed that they know nothing else--that's all that's been decided. So everything else is speculation.

The most speculation we've seen, of course, is about the voice cast, and everybody's hoping to hear the original cast again, but we're kind of like, "Why?" We already saw Sailor Moon with that cast. If I want to watch the same thing again, I can watch the same thing again. It's kind of exciting to think about who they might get to play the characters in a new version. Will they get all new unknowns, or will they get an all-star cast?

On the other hand, Kotono Mitsuishi really wants to play the part again (we checked out her blog, and she said she was itching to play the part), and we like her a lot, so we want to support her in that. But she'd also make a great Queen Serenity. How weird would it be if they cast her as Queen Beryl?

So by the time that was over, it was lunchtime, and we had already planned to stop working at lunchtime, so so much for that. We had plans for after lunch, including our weekly volunteer work indexing names for

So we did that, and then we got a phone call. It was a charitable organization asking for money. I was like, "Wait a second, that name is familiar. I think you already called me this week." So I said as much, and the guy was like, "Oh, no, we only call each person once per drive." And I was like, "But I know I've heard that name before. Are you sure you didn't call me already?" And he was like, "Let me just take your pledge and I'll send you to my supervisor, who will get your payment information and make sure we never call you again."

So I talked to his supervisor, and I told him I was pretty sure they called on Monday or Tuesday. He told me the same thing as the other guy, adding that it's so great that they take payment by card, because then the statement will prove that I only paid them once. He also ticked me off by saying something like, "That's why you have to be careful who you give to." And in my head, I was like, "Are you sure you want to go there?" But out loud, I said, "Wait a second," and, since I was already sitting at the computer, I signed in to our online banking thing and lo and behold, a payment for this same organization went through just yesterday.

But I'm a sap, so he ended up with another donation anyway. I think what probably happened is that they have one branch that calls individuals and another one that calls businesses. We let our fictitious business name expire last year, but the calls just keep on coming.

The experience gave us the final kick in the pants we needed to go cancel our landline. So now we know they'll never call us again. I realized later that that might be an extremely passive aggressive way of dealing with the problem, but the fact of the matter is we were planning to cancel the landline to save money anyway. We just hadn't because we're lazy. And now we have, and so we're saving enough money to justify a Netflix subscription. Tadah!

Today I'm thankful for the weather being relatively cool when we walked to the store this morning, getting to learn all the Sailor Moon anime facts for ourselves, all the money we'll save from canceling the landline, finally getting the end of that movie in Theatrhythm (if you don't play part of the music just right on certain pieces of music, it cuts off and you don't get the end), and it being time to do things away from the computer now.
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