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Hurray for liking stuff!

We're finally back to work today, but reluctantly. Not entirely reluctantly, since we like our job and all, but those last few days of vacation were so nice, translating Saiyuki, marathoning Skip Beat!, playing video games that we like. We were reminded that we actually do like stuff, and that's an important thing to remember.

We had intended to be done with Saiyuki for the day after posting yesterday. We were going to play Theatrhythm instead, but Page was in Athena's video game chair, so while we waited for her to get bored with it, we pulled out the new Saiyuki character books! They were super fun! (I bet Sanzo hates that sentence... Bwahahaha.) I think the best was that they interviewed the four main voice actors, and asked each of them to give a message to the character they played. Akira Ishida said to Hakkai, "I have nothing to say. You're always right."

They also made us want to go back and rewatch the entire anime, mostly because we don't have our own copies of the first Saiyuki series, so to get those story bits, we have to watch the anime. As if we had time for that nonsense...

Anyway, eventually we did start playing Theatrhythm, and now we're completely addicted to it! What it is is the Final Fantasy rhythm game. We've always liked rhythm games pretty well, but what makes them even better is when they have songs we feel connections to. And all the music in this game is from Final Fantasy! It's like the ultimate nostalgia trip (for a Final Fantasy fan), because there are twenty years worth of games to go back and be nostalgic about. Wow, we remember Mom come home from the store with a copy of the very first Final Fantasy way back when...

But we didn't have a whole lot of time to play with it, so now we're eager to get back. The end.

Today I'm thankful for the super awesomeness that is Theatrhythm, Page giving us the chance to look through those Saiyuki character books, Saiyuki character books, the reminder that we do in fact like stuff, and it being almost time to get back to playing Theatrhythm.
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