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A Saiyuki kind of day

Happy Independence Day, everyone! Unless you hate the United States, in which case, have a nice day and don't worry about labels.

So far, we've spent most of our day on Saiyuki! Yay! It took us a little longer than originally expected to get through this volume of Saiyuki Reload Blast for two reasons. First, we've been working only about two hours a day. And second, they're talking a lot, and explaining stuff a lot, so it's wordy. But today we finally finished it, and we're eager to get the next volume! (Whenever that happens.) They just introduced an interesting-looking new character!

In the meantime, we're much more motivated to get the CD drama Noisy, which apparently is a bunch of gag dramas...? What we're really really really hoping is that the voice actors will perform a re-imagined version of chapter 2.5, because! because! Because they had the obligatory soul-transference gag! Aaaaaahhhh! Oh my gosh, it's so funny! (If very brief.) And we really want to hear the voice actors playing all the other characters! I have a hard time imagining Toshihiko Seki as Goku, but I think all the other ones would be amazing. Not that I don't believe Seki-san can play Goku (he did play Duo Maxwell, after all); I just have a difficult time imagining it. Oh, but how I want to hear Akira Ishida as Sanzo... Kya♥

Anyway, after that, we made Wii Miis of Sanzo and company. We were a little sad about the limitations of Mii-making, mainly on Gojyo (no scars, no red hair...) (and Goku doesn't get eyebrows because we thought his diadem was a little more important), but we like how they turned out well enough. Someday, we'll get friend codes so our Miis can mingle with other people's consoles, and other people's Miis can come visit ours. That sounds like so much fun! ...But never enough fun to ask anyone for their code. I guess we could ask now. Hey, anybody got a friend code they wanna share? (You can PM or email us, if you don't want to post it for the whole world to see.)

And then we read the Dice of Destiny pamphlet that came with the manga, and oh my goodness, it is hilarious. My favorite is little hula dancer Goku. Soooooooo cute♥♥♥ Konzen and Tenpo in wedding dresses was really good, too. The idea was Minekura-sensei and her two editors had four dice: two with characters, one with a place, and one with an action. So they role the dice and get (character) and (character) are (doing something) at/in (some place).

So the first one, for example, was Tenpo and Sanzo playing with animals in a karaoke box. At the end, since Kougaiji hadn't shown up at all, they did a mini-bonus panel of Kougaiji Ikkou studying for entrance exams in space. It was awesome, because you had Kougaiji and Dokugakuji in gakuran and Lirin and Yaone in sailor suits, and Kougaiji is pointing and saying, "And that's the Eagle Nebula." Dokugakuji is pointing the other way, saying, "Isn't the Eagle Nebula over there?" And Yaone is ignoring them all, with her nose in a book and her eyes covered by those spiraly glasses. It's awesome.

And now we have to decide if we're going to keep doing Saiyuki stuff for the rest of the day, or if it's time to move on. We'll see.

Today I'm thankful for adorable little hula dancers, Saiyuki: Dice of Destiny, Chapter 2.5, knowing the release date for the Gyakuten Saiban movie Blu-ray, and finding out what one of the tracks on the Noisy CD is going to be about (and! the CD happens to come out on the same day as the Gyakuten Saiban movie!).
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