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Thank you for all the kind comments, everyone. We're holding up pretty well, but of course, we're not liking the idea of waking up to one less kitty every day. The hardest part is getting used to the lack of Oreo-related stuff in our routine. Page eats mostly dry food, so, while Athena used to get out of bed and open a can of cat food first thing in the morning, now...not so much. That was a rather unhappy start to the day. But we just keep on trucking. We're just a little sadder than usual.

Yesterday afternoon, we went to Mom's house, where Steve dug a grave for Oreo right next to Mimsy's. Maybe one of these days we'll actually go to Michael's to get stuff to make some kind of a grave marker. Now they can share one, but I don't know if they would prefer that or each having their own. Athena says they probably don't care too much either way.

Other than that, it's life as normal.

Today I'm thankful for already having quarters (we have to do laundry soon), making good progress on Deltora Quest despite our very laid-back pace today, Mom letting us steal a box of tissues, making progress in Super Mario Bros. Wii (it's really hard to have two people playing at the same time!), and having a working air conditioner.
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