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Well today has been only slightly longer than expected. Oreo's still at the vet getting tests done. We love Oreo's doctor, because she explains everything, and doesn't assume that our cat is on the way out. Her first guess as to the problem was something that had a technical name (which she told us, but I forgot), where the cat just can't hold its head up anymore because it's too weak. Oreo is an old cat, after all. She explained that it happens to cats because they don't have a ligament along the back of their necks like people do.

But all of our observations, which of course we told her, pointed to the problem being more pain-related. I just wish I had remembered to tell her about the time we gave him medicine and he ran off (like always) with his head noticeably higher than it had been all week. But anyway, he's getting x-rayed (expensive as expected) and having some other tests done, to see if we can figure out some cause other than age.

In the meantime, last night we heard from our Disneyland associate that our potential June busyness is at least slightly less busy. See, what I didn't mention (because it was tentative) is that he and a friend managed to score tickets to the big fancy California Adventure preview, where it would just be a few guests and the press and we're thinking celebrities and stuff, as kind of a "grand opening" event. They (our associate and his friend) were having a hard time getting commitments from the people they had invited, so he extended the offer to us (tentatively) so that it wouldn't be last minute in case none of their other invitees took them up on it.

Then one of their invitees agreed to go, leaving only one extra ticket, and now we're not going. We're actually extremely okay with this, because it's one less thing to worry about traveling to. It would have worked out perfectly with AM2, because the big day is the Thursday before the convention starts, but it happens. We might still go to AM2, but we just paid to have our cat x-rayed, so we're thinking we might want to save the money.

Today I'm thankful for our friend being kind enough to drive us to the vet, Celeste being kind enough to agree to help us pick up our kitty, finishing that Higurashi first draft before all the out-and-aboutness hit, the four cheese Triscuits we had to snack on, and not getting too wet at the water balloon fight last night (one balloon hit me right on the hand (which was on my hip, so it would have gotten me all wet), but bounced off before it broke on the ground; it was kind of awesome).
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