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So...I know I said the organization would start in earnest today, and it did! It just didn't go on for very long after that. It was great! We started in our room with all the mostly empty boxes from various internet orders, and it was going really really fast! And we made a big dent in almost no time at all!

And then Mom called and asked if we wanted to join her, Sarah, and the baby on errands and stuff. And we like spending time with people, so of course we said yes. And then we ended up driving all the way to Celeste's house, which is about an hour or so away, on a stretch of highway that has magical time distortion powers which make the drive seem much, much, much, much longer than it actually is. It's uncanny, really. That stretch of highway feels like it takes three hours or something! Anyway, we visited with Celeste and had lunch and then we got to see her classroom! It was pretty cool.

Then we came back home and went grocery shopping and whined to Mom about how we have nothing to look forward to anymore because even the stuff we like makes us very angry these days, and now we're home and planning to watch Psych to help us feel better.

Today I'm thankful for getting to see Celeste's classroom, making a dent in the large box pile, getting to buy some groceries, having sunscreen to take with us to Disneyland, and having already paid the rent.
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