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Well, I guess I could talk about our morning of emotional turmoil. It's really very silly emotional turmoil, but it was still...turmoily? Tur...turmu...tur... Anyway, I think the lack of this kind of fangirlishness is part of what's been draining the color from our increasingly drab lives, so I'm going to talk about it!

It started with Anime Expo. I think it started with Anime Expo. We did things kind of out of order this morning. Right, it started with Anime Expo. For the past several months, we've been checking the website and the forums to see if they were going to have anyone interesting, and they kept not having anyone interesting (to us; we're sure they would be awesome guests to other people), so we were just like, "Well, whatever. Looks like we'll be saving some money this year. (And/or not worrying about whether or not our paycheck will show up in time.)"

As I'm sure you've all guessed by now, this morning, we discovered someone interesting. See, almost all of the guests they'd announced up until this point were Americans, and we were like, "Blah, whatever." (That's not very nice of us, but the fact is, we're interested in the people who actually make anime, and elitist sub fans that we are, dub voice actors don't count in our books.) But now they've suddenly announced a whole slew of Japanese guests!

None of them worked on anything we're super obsessed with, except for one: Nobuhiko Okamoto is the voice of Origami Cyclone in Tiger & Bunny. And! he was voted the most adorable voice actor in Japan. And every time we listen to our Tiger & Bunny CD (which we do kind of a lot...), he's just so cute singing his Origami Cyclone song! We could get it autographed! (The CD book, I mean; not the song. Songs are a little intangible, and difficult to write on.)

So we were like, "I don't know, should we go to Anime Expo? It's not like we could get appropriate costumes done in time, and we're kind of tired of the north and south traveling (we're going to Disneyland again next week). But we finally have someone we can rely on to feed the cats, and we might be able to finish some Maid Latte uniforms (Okamoto-san also played Usui in Maid Sama!)...but those uniforms would be such a pain in the butt to make, and do we really want to spend the money, and blah traveling..."

We're still undecided, but mostly leaning toward not going anyway. (This way we don't have to worry about whether or not we get paid in time.)

Anyway, a second after we thought, "Nobuhiko Okamoto is coming to AX!?" Athena thought, "I wonder if they'd get him to sing on a Disney Date CD sequel." So we went to Disney Records' Japanese site to see if there was any hope of there being a sequel! And there wasn't, but they did have something we failed to notice last time we visited that site! (Two things, actually. The first is that the other version of the CD has all the voice actors on it singing the Mickey Mouse Club March. Want!!!)

So we found out they had voice actor comments. Unfortunately, they only had comments from four out of the ten actors (we really want to hear what Miyu Irino had to say about Under the Sea *pout*), but! Tomokazu Seki was one of the commentors, and he said he hopes we all listen to it, and go to Disneyland and DisneySea, and that he goes to DisneySea all the time! And we were like, "Does this mean it's true that Agent 6 has an annual pass!?" And! he said if you see him there to say hi!

So then we were like, "Is he lying? Why would he tell girls to stalk him? We know from some stuff he said at Anime Expo that he's been stalked (sort of), so it's not unthinkable... But anyway, we wanna go to DisneySea with Tomokazu Seki!!!" And that's another part of why we're leaning toward not going to Anime Expo. Even if we never see Seki-san there, we need to go back to DisneySea. Now if only I could get my act together and actually cancel the cable so we can start saving some money.

Today I'm thankful for the adorable baby zebra on our calendar for June, Origami Cyclone's song, voice actor comments on the Disney Date CD site, the adorable kitty on that episode of Psych, and memories of Seki-san's fighting laundry shirt ("you are the true hiding hero" XD).
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