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Well, something happened yesterday that I noticed is the type of thing we used to post about here, but kind of stopped since we started respecting people more. It's kind of gossipy, is what I'm saying. But I don't have much else to type about, so we'll go with it anyway, and withhold the names (as usual) to protect the innocent.

So yesterday our home teacher came over. I seem to remember hearing something about his companion going out of town for an extended period of time, which might be why our home teacher brought a substitute companion. Normally, we don't have problems with substitute companions, but this time, there are extenuating circumstances. Our home teacher is the male half of one of the older service couples, and as such (unlike most of our singles' ward), he has a wife. She...can sometimes be on the more judgmental side. Have you seen Gilmore Girls? She's like a more cheerful Emily Gilmore. And she came to our apartment yesterday.

To be honest, we're not really bothered by it anymore. It was awkward at the time, because for one thing, we're always awkward with people, especially people with whom we've had disagreements because we're uppity. So there may have been a little anxiety about how to behave, whether or not we'd have to rein ourselves in, etc. But mostly it was just a matter of having my hair stand on end in a defensive fashion, like a cat, because we were taken by surprise. But it certainly didn't help that she was very obviously Looking Around. (In her favor, at least she stayed seated; we've had people come in and wander around! For crying out loud!)

Actually, we managed not to be too embarrassed by her Looking Around, either, because while our apartment definitely has a lot of clutter, we don't think it's that bad. If she disagrees, well...we never thought much of her opinion anyway. But what happened was this:

At one point in the conversation, she noticed the stacks of DVDs we had piled up in front of the TV and said, "It looks like you could use a new bookshelf!" Athena explained that yes, we know we need to organize; we're working on it. Then we all moved on, and our home teacher told us what he wanted to tell us. He was in a discussion with someone about the LDS Church, and that person had found a bunch of anti-Mormon videos and asked him (our home teacher) to watch them, which is how he found out that some people discredit the Book of Mormon, because in one (or more) place(s), it mentions "the land of Jerusalem." That phrase isn't once found in the Bible, so obviously the Book of Mormon has Issues. (As translators, our reaction to this reasoning is, "The heck?")

So our home teacher did some research and learned that scholars have since found that the phrase "land of Jerusalem" was used in the Dead Sea Scrolls, so the term isn't completely un-Biblical or whatever. And the point of all that was to let us know that one of the scholars who discovered that was our grandfather. We weren't surprised at all to learn that, but it was kind of neat to hear it.

When Home Teacher was done with his story, he asked, as all home teachers do, if there was anything he could do to help us out, suggesting that perhaps he could get us a new bookshelf. Siiiigh. And so Athena told him the story of our new bookcase, and the comp copies, and all that stuff. But what we really wish we'd said was, "Yeah, Grandpa wasn't really big on shelves, either." (He actually did have lots of bookshelves, but he had way more stuff (mostly books and manuscripts and things) than would fit on them.) On the other hand, it's probably better that we didn't make Grandpa look bad, but I kind of think that he gets a pass because he's a bit of a celebrity. So it was kind of like trying to use his pass for us, too...or it would have been, if we'd said that.

Anyway, there's not really a point to that story, but there it is.

Today I'm thankful for at least having cleared away all the Wii packaging before our home teacher showed up, finishing work a little early today, remembering to finally eat some honey last night, the adorableness of sneezing kitties, and Gaston actually giving us a few days advance notice this time.
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