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Not much to report today. We're taking the day off, because I've had a stuffy nose for about a week now, and we're hoping a day of not holding myself up at the computer will help it to go away for good.

We have been playing Epic Mickey (except for yesterday, when we decided to watch Psych instead), and we have a lot to say on the subject, but we're not sure how much our opinion is going to change by the time we finish it. So far, our opinion remains the same as it was before we started playing it: it seems like the game was made in an attempt to recreate Kingdom Hearts' awesomeness, and also to show off the obscure Disney knowledge of the developers. But on second thought (just now), I bet there's a ton of stuff they could have put in the game to show off even more esoteric knowledge, so maybe it's not just to show off.

I admit, our opinion was tainted many months ago, fairly soon after the game came out, when my visiting teacher came over with her boyfriend. Disney got brought up, as it always does, and he had this attitude like he was oh so knowledgeable, because he learned some new facts from Epic Mickey. He wasn't even all that annoying...but just annoying enough to taint our opinion. We were like, "Oohh, so everyone thinks they're so smart now, just because they played Epic Mickey. Whatever."

That being the case, some of our fault-finding definitely comes from the, "If you know so much about Disney, why did you do it like this instead of like this, huh?" mindset, and we're working to get over it.

For example, Mickey collects a bunch of E tickets, which we think are supposed to be currency, especially since Athena traded a bunch to get a guy to do something for her. But it was a while before we used them for anything, so we were just speculating at first, and we were like, "If they want to show off how smart they are, why do they only use E tickets? Why not have all the letters?" (For those of you who don't know, in the early days of Disneyland, you needed a ticket to get on each ride, and E tickets were for the biggest and/or most popular ones.) Well, that's just silly; they needed some kind of currency, and E ticket is a cute way to go when the game is based on Disneyland. I guess.

So anyway, more on that later. Today I'm thankful for getting to take the day off, getting to watch Psych from the beginning, having pita chips to snack on, getting to do some reading, and it now being time to play with the Wii some more.
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