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Happy Memorial Day!

Today I realized, because it's never been obvious to me, that we celebrate Memorial Day by having barbecues as a way to enjoy the peaceful lifestyle we of the sacrifices of those who have fought to maintain it. And today we had a lovely, peaceful barbecue at the park near Mom and Steve's house.

On the other hand, I only say it was lovely because it wasn't entirely boring. For some background, last year we were super bored at the barbecue. This year, we weren't. Tadah! I think there were three major factors that enhanced this year's experience. First, we had sunblock. Second, the weather was cooler. And third, Mom wanted somebody to take pictures of the event, so we had something to do.

We've always been so terrible at socializing--not because we don't like people, but because we're afraid of the unknown. I think we may be among the small percentile of physiologically shy people, as opposed to psychologically shy people. But the point is, we tend to end up in a corner by ourselves, which tends to be boring. We just now came up with the theory that if there were only one of us, being alone in a corner would inspire people to say, "Oh, that person is sad and alone. I should go talk to them!" But since there are two of us, it looks more like we did it deliberately, to shun the rest of the group, and we're specifically avoiding them.

Anyway, I had a camera this time, so my sense of responsibility kept me occupied. Sadly, however, I failed in my assignment, because although I took pictures of all the major activities, I didn't realize that when Mom said, "Take pictures of the party!" what she really meant was, "Take lots of pictures of my grandson!" Oh well; these things happen.

Despite having a relatively good time at the barbecue, we were both a little extra tired when we got home, so instead of being responsible, we turned on the Wii and played Epic Mickey...which probably didn't help alleviate the fatigue. Oh well; these things happen.

Today I'm thankful for having a nice time at the barbecue, having lots of time to play video games when we got home, the very lovely weather today, having sunblock for the first time in the history of this Memorial Day barbecue, and not being sunburned.
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