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Whew, there's so much to talk about today! First, we watched the Negima! movie last night.

Not surprisingly, the visuals were stunning, but more importantly, What's the big idea, not animating the big climactic battle!? Okay, we fully realize that we would have known that the movie didn't actually have anything from the manga in it if we'd just checked the movie website before buying it, but...we just didn't. But the limited edition Negima! 37 was worth it just for the complete autographed set of pactio cards, so getting to see the characters moving and talking was an added bonus, even if they weren't really saying anything interesting.

(Speaking of the pactio cards, we had been wondering about them, because they said it was a set of 31, and we had reason to believe there was a Negi card, and Negi plus 31 students equals 32, so what's the deal? Of course we should have known the twins would only have one card between them. That is so numeralist. We looked at the cards before we saw the movie, so we were like, "But how did they both kiss him on the lips at the same time?" Apparently kisses aren't necessary for formal pactio contracts; just holding hands and a long incantation.)

I don't know whether to be happy or sad that there was a scene that let us know that Akira Ishida would have played all of the Averruncus series if they had all been allowed to speak, because yay! Quintum and Fate get to talk! But what we really wanted was to hear him as Sextum. Sigh.

Anyway, back when we were watching copies of copies of Sailor Moon: Sailor Stars episodes, we joked that the Sailor Stars movie would just be one big, long transformation sequence. Watching all the Adeat transformations, we started to wonder if Akamatsu or someone had wished that movie had actually been made...

Overall, it was kind of a nice thing to watch if you're a Negima! fan, not too great, but not boring. But oh the eye-rolling that went on when Nodoka and Yue had their touching "I'm so glad we're friends and that we fell in love with the same boy!" moment. What the heck.

Then this morning we got to go shopping! That isn't so report-worthy in and of itself, but there were a few things of note. First, when we stopped by Mom's house, there was a guy on the corner selling honey! So we made a mental note to get some on our way out, but when we got there, he was packing up! Oh no! Apparently the field by Mom's house is waaaaay too dusty (we saw it; it was intense (there was a tractor or something nearby that was kicking up a ton of dust)), and the vendor was going to come back when the dust cleared some. But we managed to get him just in time, and buy some wildflower honey, which is supposed to be great for allergies, especially when produced locally (which this was).

The other fun thing about shopping is that we finally got our very own Wii! They only had black ones, which isn't really a problem; we just wanted the option of getting another color, like white. But the important thing was to get a Wii, and this one happened to come with Super Mario Bros. Wii, which turns out to be super awesome and fun! It's especially great for two reasons.

First, it closely resembles Mario 3 (the names rhyme, so I'm thinking it's only partially a coincidence), with Bowser's kids and everything! Mario 3 was our favorite growing up, so we have a great nostalgia thing going with all new content! And second, it has cooperative multiplay, so we get to play at the same time! I've never been as much of a gamer as Athena, so pretty much what ends up happening is I'll stand around and be very careful while she makes sure all the enemies are out of the way...and that's probably why I end up having so many more guys than her.

The Wii shop is going to prove to be a Very Dangerous Place.

We also got Epic Mickey, to fill in another gap in our Disney education. What we really wanted to get was Skyward Sword, because it's Zelda, and it's been on our minds since we played it on Mother's Day, so I've been playing Zelda music when practicing the piano, and it's just been like, "Skyward Swooooorrrrrrrd!" But that game was more expensive, and Mom already had it, so she told us to get Epic Mickey, since she wanted to play that one and didn't have it, and when we were done, we could trade.

So on the one hand, we're very excited to have a shiny new Wii, and we're already having a lot of fun with it, but on the other hand, we're like, "When are we ever going to have time for all of this!?" And we still want to play Skyward Sword. Ah well, we'll get to it.

Today I'm thankful for shiny pactio card sets, Mom and Steve taking us to Best Buy to get a Wii, having our very own Wii, Mario 3 nostalgia, and wildflower honey.
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