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So I was thinking about what to post about today, and I remembered that we finally saw the end of Gals! last night, so maybe I would write about that, and then I remembered something that we've been wondering about for a very long time. We keep seeing, at Anime News Network for example, reviews of, like, volume 37 of a manga. Is there really much point in reviewing volume 37? I mean, most reviews are written to let people know if a piece of entertainment is worth consuming, but by the time people get to volume 37, we figure most people will already know whether or not they want the continuation.

It would be one thing if it were like us posting on LJ about the end of Gals!, for example, because that's so we can talk about the end of Gals! with our friends. Review sites seem to be a different story, but I guess maybe not?

Anyway, as for the end of Gals!, we liked it. The end.

Just kidding. We felt there wasn't quite enough closure with the whole Rei thing. He was a major jerk, so I want Aya to find someone better, but is there going to be a showdown between him and Tatsuki? And it would be nice if we could get a real idea of what he thinks, instead of just a, "Whatever you want to believe," kind of thing. He's all getting on Aya's case for not being her own person, but he refuses to identify himself in any way. Jerk.

Anyway, we're happy for Yuya, but a little sad that he didn't get Ran, because he was so passionate about her. On the other hand, all the filler really played up her bad qualities, so I have some pretty strong, "Oh, good, he got someone else," feelings. It kind of feels like he's left the group, though, and that's the saddest of all. And he kind of really did leave the group, which was a major bummer because he was our favorite character and he wasn't in the second half of the series that much. Sigh.

In a complete change of subject, today we translated Ken Akamatsu's comments on the character Nagi Springfield, and he said something that got us thinking. He said that he kind of got the feeling that the name "Thousand Master" was kind of odd English, but none of his overseas readers commented on it, so whatever. At first we were like, "...Yeah, I think it is kind of odd," but then we were like, "Wait, maybe it's not so odd." And now we're really not sure! (Which is kind of sad, since it's our job to know good English.)

We think that if he got the name because he's the master of a thousand spells, it works, because eventually it would turn into the Thousand Spell Master, which would in turn be shortened to Thousand Master, which sounds much better. And more than anything, as long as it sounds cool nobody really cares about the grammar anyway. Like the Avengers. If they're already avenging people, that technically means people have already died, but the idea is to prevent deaths, not kill the killers. ...I think. (Our knowledge of the Avengers is strictly from the movies, so we could be very very wrong.)

Anyway, thoughts?

Today I'm thankful for getting to see the end of Gals!, thought-provoking author comments, finishing our first draft of that volume of Negima!, knowing what we're doing tonight, and getting more of the cards we were missing from Labyrinth 1.
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